Saddleback Manila Past Gathering Recap + Announcement

February 27, 2013

It’s funny when you have more than a dozen stories to tell but you don’t know where to start or how to put it into words. My first entry about the entire January mission trip shared experience was supposed to be about the Manila Business Leadership Seminar, but I’ve written out a semi-reflection entry to get started. I could publish it right now but I don’t want to give my readers incomplete information and resources. I’ll just go with what I can write about so don’t be surprised by non-sequential turn of events 😛

Worship, Prayer, and PEACE Gathering

After a local church visit in the morning and lunch at Sentro 1771 at The Fort, we made our way to PETA Theater where our first gathering of the year was to be held. The theme was “Worship, Prayer and PEACE Gathering”.

Note: watch all videos in 480p or HD quality for better viewing 🙂


Along with our local worship ministry, January PEACE Team members Shawndra and Rachelle were on stage.

Here is one of the songs they played:


Pastor Dave talked about Discipleship, backed with a powerful video that was an eye opener.

Our Children’s Ministry Head, Ate Monette also gave a few words then Pastor Dave and Roland talked about the PEACE Plan. To give you an overview: it is a Saddleback Church initiative created to answer the five Global Goliaths or, simply, the biggest problems in our society: Spiritual Emptiness, Egocentric Leadership, Extreme Poverty, Pandemic Diseases, and Illiteracy and lack of education.

Trivia: PEACE actually stands for..

P – promote reconciliation

E – equip servant leaders

A – assist the poor

C – care for the sick

E – educate the next generation

Members of the January PEACE Team also shared their what they did for the past few days of their stay (survey around the metro; visit to Tanza Antipolo last January 25; Business Leadership Seminar for the guys and Women’s Correctional Institute visit for the women last January 26) and their personal reasons on why they are dedicating their time and heart — which I definitely believe encouraged everyone.

Saddleback Manila Worship Prayer PEACE Gathering
Roland, Ate Jen, Marla and Matt


We prayed for four specific things and since we believe in corporate prayer, this was done in groups.

Saddleback Manila Worship Prayer Peace Gathering

  • God to raise up His man to lead us as pastor of Saddleback Manila
  • God  to provide the perfect location and facility for our church
  • The  leaders of Saddleback Church USA to have wisdom as they make decisions for our church
  • All the people who come to Saddleback Manila will find hope,  love and salvation through Jesus Christ


We estimated around 130 people in all — families, couples and children. The gathering wouldn’t be complete without fellowship. But first, we pulled off a big surprise for Pastor Dave since he celebrated his birthday on the same month! Greetings from friends and family from the USA together with his old pictures while his single “Hey Joe!” plays on the background — pretty amazing!

To date, this is the longest time that everyone stayed around after. People are engaged in conversations and getting to know more about our guests while some are enjoying our donuts and coffee.

Most of my shots inside the theater were taken from the balcony area. Aside from the amazing view to watch and take pictures, I didn’t want to bother people with my semi-runny nose that day. But I was grateful for the company provided by my new friend, James 🙂

For better understanding of what I has happened, here’s a quick video recap:

They did it.. we also can! You can be part of what God is doing in Manila! Join us this March 10, 4PM at the PETA Theater for a night of worship, prayer, and fellowship! Let’s talk about local PEACE efforts available at Saddleback Manila!


We look forward seeing you! We are better together! 🙂

Photo credits: Yours truly.
Video credits: Kuya Kevin Yague / (last video) Jake Villareal & James Enriquez
  1. Awesome event. Now I know what PEACE stands for.. Also, whatever question we have, the answer lies within ourselves. I believe that if we can’t find peace and happiness there, it’s not going to come from the outside.

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