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May 7, 2013

Arriving late for the first agenda of the day (a tour around the facility), I got to sit down and talk to Chris, a pioneer employee currently working in a management position for an inbound telecommunications account. Our conversation revolved around love.

Yes, love.

Love that is expressed through open communication, accountability and helping the community in his workplace.

I’ve learned that C3’s culture is anything but ordinary – it’s a way of life. Everywhere you look, it screams “LOVE”! Their open door policy is no joke – workstations are arranged in a way that promotes transparency among employees and any (and I mean anyone) can approach higher ops anytime, breaking the norms of organizational structure. Everyone looks forward to coming to work because of MAD4C3 or Making a Difference for C3 rewards program (daily, weekly or quarterly raffles and by individual/team performance indicators).

What made me more impressed is how everyone cared for their co-employees and the community. One ‘C3 Care’ story they shared to me is that of during the typhoons last August 2012, where they converted the training rooms into temporary shelters for the employees and their families. Meals were provided and everyone took turns in taking of the little children. A tree planting activity at La Mesa Dam was also done last year.


Get hired in 4 hours or less, says Director of Training and Quality Mr. Branden Wheeler, who gave us the tour. Applicants encode their information into the system, take an assessment, and go through three interviews. Once hired, they undergo a self-discovery boot camp training that encourages healthy competition and participation through points system and theme days (no boring PowerPoint presentation slides to make you zzz…)

When asked about the salary: “Inexperienced agents, those who have no prior call center experience, receive P16,000 starting pay. Those with a degree of experience receive up to P18,000 monthly wage. Plus they receive HMO benefits that they can share with a family member as long as they remain employed. It could be for a spouse or child, parent or sibling. Beneficiaries are named and could be changed at the start of every contract cycle,” Human Resources director Crystabel Cardenas shared.

C3/CustomerContactChannels Philippines Staff
C3/CustomerContactChannels Philippines Staff

The company opened on Nov 1, 2011 and started with 30 people on opening day. To date, there are around 5000 employees servicing clients in telecommunications, car rental, airline transactions and other accounts. They employ an internal promotion system (9 out of 10 globally), encouraging their employees to plot their own career paths and get trained for career or skills advancement with the help of C3 University.

It really felt like home away from home. At C3/CustomerContactChannels, you’ll definitely love what you do. ♥


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The recruitment line: Direct Line 479-7470 / Trunk Line 479-7400.

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