Unexplored Side of Laguna

May 7, 2013

I have been to Laguna several times in the past. For school trips. For family outings to hot springs. To visit my youngest brother. Last March, I got to see more of Laguna (briefly) on my way to witness the blessing of the country’s first Bottle Center for the Aged.

Among all the municipalities of the province of Laguna, I have been to Sta. Rosa and Calamba the most, where I really spent time to explore. The trip led me to Los Baños, Bay, Calauan before arriving at our destination.

Along the National Highway. I believe this is Mt. Makiling. :3

I never knew another Antipolo, Rizal (the city where I live) and Taytay, Rizal existed in another part of the country until I got to the young municipality of Rizal, Laguna . I got to experience their cooking and hospitality at Lucy and Elsie’s Cuisine.


Before heading home we went on a little trip to Liliw. For a non-climber/hiker, this is the nearest I have been from Mt. Banahaw. I can’t seem to find the photo for evidence lol. On the way we did a quick stop at the Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan, Laguna. The first time I went here was during one of my school trips, maybe in grade school, where we actually went inside.


When we got to Liliw, the shoe capital of Laguna and competitor of my hometown (Marikina City, Shoe Capital of the Philippines), it was around sunset.  We got to visit St. John the Baptist Parish (a Catholic church), buy pasalubong from nearby shops and Liliw Bakery.


That’s it! It looks like a short trip but travel time took up around 10 hours back and forth, including my travel time from Makati going home.

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