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August 16, 2013

Nobody is satisfied being 9-to-5 employees anymore. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is not enough to cover their cost of living (or they don’t like having a boss) so find another source of income like direct selling or part-time gigs (writing, virtual assistant, event planning, home baking, etc.).

The question is.. are you going to live your life like this or would you rather be your own boss?

Be the Big Boss Summit: Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur, a whole day conference held at Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Auditorium Ortigas last July 26, featured successful entrepreneurs with the heart for equipping Filipinos aspiring to have their own negosyo.

The venue was filled with students, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs coming from different backgrounds. A couple of times during the day, we were meet new people and exchange business cards.


The morning kicked-off with a video presentation on Philippine economy overview: robust economic growth and strong external position (export) because of the investment on BPO. It is worth mentioning that our country was cited as one of the next 11 countries that show potential, along with Turkey and Indonesia.

It was followed by a brief video introduction of ‘Entrep Champ” Mr. Paulo Tibig‘s humble beginnings in Bataan to his noble pursuit in advocating entrepreneurship to our fellow Pinoys.

One of the best ways to learn is to learn from someone else’s experience. In a panel session with Mr. Ramon Lopez (Go Negosyo), RJ Ledesma (Mercato Central), Mary Grace Santos (Li’l People) and Ardy Roberto (Salt and Light Ventures), they shared their personal entrepreneurial journey. You can listen to the discussion below.

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Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur


Some participants including myself didn’t have a copy of the book, but it wasn’t a disadvantage. Sir Paulo presented the strategies in a matter that it was easy to pick up, coupled with props and case studies — both of which were engaging and entertaining at the same time.

Using a basketball strategy board to emphasize the importance of making plans.
Using a basketball strategy board to emphasize the importance of making plans.

I have a recording of Sir Paulo’s talk but there’s too much noise (pardon my lack of know-how to edit audio) and I don’t want to spoil the details so I recommended you to invest on his book and attend one of his trainings ๐Ÿ™‚

Among all the case studies presented, the solution for late night cravings was my top favorite:

Guest Speakers

Mr. Chinkee Tan (‘Chink+ Positive’) talked about money matters: two kinds of debt, getting out of bad debt and the essence of delayed gratification. Before buying, ask yourself these 3 questions: [1] Is this a need or a want?, [2] Can I afford it? Can I buy in cash or credit? and [3] What does God have to say about my purchase?. Remember: “You will never miss what you don’t experience.”– Peter Kawsek

A member of the Manila Ocean Park dragon boat team, Ms. Leslie Cabal, talked about the commonality in playing a team sport or managing a business such as dedication and discipline.

Starting with a short interactive game, Mr. Boris Joaquin‘s “Collaborations Leading to Co-Opportunities” emphasized on the importance of relationships in business. The people around us can play one or more roles: investor, innovator, or connector. He also introduced RJ Garcia, who is engaged with Appledrive and Bag943.

Take Home

A champion entrepreneur sees opportunity in every crisis. You are not afraid to stand out and innovate. As a business owner, you must be hands-on, employs the best practices, not afraid to embrace technology, and open to collaborate with other businesses. Most of all, you’re not all about profit — you must know how to pay it forward. You are blessed to be a blessing. ๐Ÿ™‚

CHAMPion Entrepreneur: Commitment, Hardwork, Attitude, Motivation, Prayer.

With the Entrep Champ himself, Mr. Paulo Tibig, and PVAN friends Teennah & Ate Mas :)
With the Entrep Champ himself, Mr. Paulo Tibig, and PVAN friends Teennah & Ate Mas ๐Ÿ™‚

Our ‘NQ’ (Negosyante Quotient) was definitely upped big time!

Congratulations Whiteboard Learning (website | facebook) for a very successful event! Check out their upcoming event: “Premier Thought Leaders… The Next Best Selling Authors!” happening on August 24, 2013. Thank you Sir Luis Magalong & Ms. Jenny Magalong for the invite!

See you at Be the Big Boss Summit 2014!

– mishidems

  1. Good to see more and more people thinking this way. Now the problem is what will happen when no one wants to be employees? I am pretty curious to see what will happen lol.

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