@iGeekMo at APC: Geeks AFK!

August 9, 2013

The first Geeks AFK! was successfully held last July 31, 2013 during Asia Pacific College’s IT Week celebration. This whole day event aims to gather all geeks in one place, interact with each other and learn the latest trends from industry speakers/startups and related organizations.


A mini exhibitors area featuring products, services and internship/job opportunities from Holocorp, Project Novo, Four Eyes, Storm Rewards, and kept students engaged in between sessions.


Java Code Challenge

There were four (4) competing teams: two of which are composed of 3 members and the other two with one member each. They were given 1 hour to solve 10 problems that will test their basic Java concepts, Java Collections Framework and undergraduate level algorithms.

Lightning Talks

Ms. Rhea Valbuena, Asia Pacific College’s Program Director for the School of Computer Science and Information Technology gave the opening remarks. There were seven (7) lightning talks, which you can watch in the videos below provided by DevCon. Copy of the presentation slides can be found here.

  • “How to ask questions the smart way” – Tim Post, Community Manager at StackExchange, Inc.
  • Czarinna Cucueco, Senior Marketing Officer at JobStreet Philippines
  • “Start Your 10000 Hours of Making Games Now!” – Marnielle Estrada, Game Developer at Anino Games, Inc.
  • “Creative Copying in Mobile Games” – Howard Dy Go, Game Developer at MochiBits
  • “Programmers are the new rockstars” – Harold Ocampo, CEO at Holocorp
  • “Enterprise-Grade On-Demand Learning: Impact for Universities” – Dann de Guzman, Founder at Rocketlabs
  • “Creating the Next PHGrowth Story through Technopreneurship and Startups” – Dustin Masancay, Associate at IdeaSpace Foundation Inc.

Birds of a Feather

An informal collaborative discussion among like-minded (and sometimes with opposing views) developers covering topics within similar interests.

APC students were pumped to discuss which is better: Desktop or Laptop?

Team Desktop (left) vs Team Laptop (right). Photo credits: David Llarena
Team Desktop (left) vs Team Laptop (right). Photo credits: David Llarena

Awarding and Raffle

Java Code Challenge winners Team Anonas (first runner up) and Team Wednesday (champion) took home swags and cash prize from Stack Overflow, Smart DevNet and DevCon.

Java Code Challenge winners! Photo credits: David Llarena.

Students also got lucky with the raffle with prizes ranging from gift certificates to awesome shirts!

Raffle winners with organizers and sponsors. Photo credits: David Llarena.
Raffle winners with organizers and sponsors. Photo credits: David Llarena.

It was a day full of learning and everyone got to go home a winner! Full photo set here.

This event was made possible by DevCon PH,, RocketLabs, Smart DevNet, and GeekSpeak!

About The Inner Geek Movement (iGeekMo)

Drei Alquiros briefly talked about the group’s advocacy during the program. Quoted from the group’s Google Plus page:

Geek doesn’t necessarily mean IT or CS. Geek is WHO YOU ARE. You can be a movie geek, english geek, math geek, etc. What we want to do is to help you discover and unleash your inner geek. | | |

PS: we’re actively recruiting volunteers! email us at

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