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My Shoe Shopping Habits

August 7, 2014

Fact is, there is virtually no half sizes and wide shoes sold in the market.

I know that first hand because I’m a size 9 1/2 (25.5cm) and it’s frustrating to find a pair that I want and is available in my size. So how’s my shoe shopping habits? Just like when buying clothes, scourging through the racks (and stores if I decide to see other shops), asking for available sizes and trying each one assures me that I will find a good fit. On the other hand, it’s time consuming and tiring.

Last weekend, I checked out the three-day sale at SM Masinag and Robinsons Metro East, hoping to score good deals on footwear.

A few years back, when I cannot withdraw my money from PayPal, I would window shop online. I got hooked looking at different items right at my fingertips, especially those made available in the Philippines from other countries. Not only was it convenient, I don’t have to pay for expensive shipping fees in foreign currency because it’s already included in the selling price, if not for a minimal fee depending on the courier to be used.

One of my first purchases was a pair of cute black ballet shoes. I was nervous that I would have to return the item for replacement but I’m glad I didn’t have to. I would only wear it on special occasions though because the insole wasn’t soft and the heel would make my feet hurt from all the walking.I would also take advantage of different group buying sites where I have bought vouchers for pampering, a power bank and a popcorn machine as my birthday present for Nanay.

There are many online shopping sites in the Philippines and I’m currently checking out the newest of the bunch, Lamido buy and sell Philippines. Powered by Rocket Internet, the same company that brought Lazada and Easy Taxi, I know my transactions will be secured with Lamido SafePay and Buyer Protection Scheme. Smartphone users, an Android app is available for download at the Play Store.


Can’t wait to get more shoes and some selfie monopods for me and my brother! 😀

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