Detox Your Car in One Tankful with Techron Concentrate Plus

April 26, 2015

How often do you clean your car’s engine and fuel system?

Did you know that deposits originate from partially burnt fuel and lubricating oil components, and even from improperly formulated additives? Over time, these grimy deposits can collect inside your car’s engine and fuel system. When left unchecked, these deposits can result in lower fuel economy, lost power and hesitation during acceleration.

Chevron Philippines recently launched its patented fuel system cleaner, with a promise to deep-clean your engine in just one tankful for all types of gasoline engines.


Use the Techron Concentrate Plus into a nearly empty fuel tank and refuel with up to 45 liters of gasoline. Larger fuel tanks or with severe deposits may required a second treatment to gain additional benefits. For best results, use every 5,000 km.

You can also use Techron Concentrate Plus on most motorcycles. The recommended treat rate is eight milliliters of the product used per liter of petrol, depending on the size of your engine and fuel requirements.

With repeated use of Techron Concentrate Plus, look forward to maximized power, smoother drive, lower emission, better fuel economy and reliable performance. To know more, watch this video:

Techron Concentrate Plus is available at all Caltex service stations in the Philippines at SRP P450.00 and selected car workshops. For more information on Techron Technology, visit More informTion on Chevron Philippines Inc. is available at

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