naFlora and Think+Talk empower women through monologues and open forum

April 1, 2015

Women go through unique life changes – menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause – but why are we not talking about it?

It wasn’t until late last year that I visited a Obstetrician-Gynecologist and was educated on my reproductive health. Even so I had unanswered questions because I was afraid/shy to ask. Many of us are.

Last week I was invited to watch Liza Magtoto’s play Tatlong Yugto, Tatlong Babae at Teatrino, Greenhills. Under the direction of Roobak Valle, it tells the struggles, dreams and realizations of three women – Jasmine (a teenager), Marigold (a married mother), and Petunia (a “cougar”). The characters were played by Karen Jaysette Bingco, Ruth Alferez (alternates with Wenah Nagales), and Ms. Joy Viado (alternates with Joann Co) respectively. It was funny and moving at the same time.


I’m having trouble uploading my video footage. For now, check out this song:

An informative talk conducted by OB-Gyne Dr. Maria Lourdes Escobar followed after the performance. She discussed how pH levels varies for different age brackets, the proper washing of our intimate area and gave tips such as changing of napkins every two (2) hours.


Indeed it’s time for women (and men) to know the importance of vaginal wash and naFloraPH provides them with choices suitable for their age:

  • naFlora Protect with pH levels 3.5 to 4.5, for monthly periods and everyday use
  • naFlora Restore with pH level 7.0, for postpartum care (after giving birth) or relIeve irritation during vaginal infections
  • naFlora Moisture with pH levels 6.0 to 7.5, for women of menopause



I am glad that naFlora and Think+Talk Communications, Inc. made it their advocacy to empower women by educating them through the Protect Your Own campaign.

“The Protect Your Own: Empowering Women Campaign is all about the education of women regarding the many issues we face and address daily and how these matters about womenhood and femininity affects us as we live the different stages of our lives. How women should live symbiotically with their society, family and government and how to thrive even with the simplest things we aspire for like love and freedom,” explains Ms. Michele Unso, head of Think+Talk.

Other performance/talk back are running in different ares of Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Schedules are listed online via their Facebook page: naFloraPH. naFlora is available in all Mercury Drugstores nationwide. For more inquiries about Tatlong Yugto, Tatlong Babae and the Protect Your Own campaign, email

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