Inspiration – Who Needs It?

April 1, 2015

If I want inspiration, I’ll look at my checking account balance. That will certainly inspire me to get busy and earn some more money this month! And I am not a fan of the latest self-help, self-discovery books, the titles of which marketers keep posting to my social media accounts and sending to my Spam folder. They are guaranteed to do many of the following:

  • Get my body back in shape by summer
  • Find the inspiration to give my home a makeover
  • Discover the benefits of kale and spinach
  • Adopt a more serene lifestyle
  • Adopt a more socially active lifestyle
  • Find my inner, hidden beauty and talents
  • Live on less and be happier

Inspiration, 2015 Style

Recently, however, I did have occasion to visit Amazon to find a gift for a friend (who kind of likes inspirational books, by the way), and I began looking through the new titles, clicking into the preview pages, and reading reviews. 2015 may be a good year for these books, because the subject matter is more realistic, relevant, and, I admit, a bit inspiring. I bought two of them, actually. While I have only read one of the books on this list so far, I will go back for more, and I’ll borrow the one I bought for my friend.

My 2015 Picks

  1. Happy is the New Healthy (Dave Romanelli): The Brief lead-in on the book cover was bad – “31 ways to relax, let go and start enjoying life.” But then I perused the first few preview pages, and read things like “find a little vacation in every day,” and the wise advice of a 110-year old who said her secret to happiness was, “sex, vodka, and spicy food,” and I was hooked. Romanelli’s style is humorous, satirical, and witty – my kind of book.
  2. The Leap: Launching Your Full-Time Career in Our Part-Time Economy (Robert Dickie III): With a name like that, I had to read some pages. Now I know what a “Black Swan” event is and how our economy has been forever changed. This guy has great advice on how to generate multiple income streams, and that inspires me!
  3. Not Impossible (Mick Ebeling): O.K. Now I am really officially inspired. Here is a film producer who has actually used his own ingenuity to build homemade appendages for people who have lost arms, or the use of them, and has changed their lives. His message is that we humans have within us the creativity, the persistence, and the know-how to do some pretty cool things that can change the lives of others, and that’s his challenge to us all.
  4. The Power of Thanks (Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine): Here’s an entire book devoted to the concept that we need to say “thank you,” and say it quite publicly, to those who have had a part in our success. Sounds a bit mundane, I agree, but after previewing the first few pages, I know this will not be a boring read.

Are There Others?

Yes, of course, because really, what inspires me may not inspire you. All in all, however, as I researched the offerings in what I call the category of “People who have something important to say to us all,” there are some pretty good choices this year!

About the author: Having a Master’s degree in Journalism and love for travelling, Julie Ellis is financed by her freelance writing to investigate and explore exotic places of the world. Being a Chief Editor at Premier Essay she, as well, features articles for journals and magazines around the world.

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