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March 22, 2017

A random trip to the mall and my nose leads me to a Yankee Candle Philippines’ store.

I keep a gel air freshener in my room. I use every time I want to relax after a long day or focus on the task on hand along with some music playing on the background. I like my room smelling sweet (as opposed to my perfume which is flowery) so I always buy the vanilla scent.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I decide to drop by Uptown Mall BGC in between commitments. I plan on getting a snack but I just came from a food lifestyle event so exploring the mall seems like a better idea. I walk pass the stalls on my right after taking the escalator going to the 2nd floor, near the 36th St. entrance. Only a few shops are open and I did not expect to see a scented candle store.

Yankee Candle to be exact.

Yankee Candle Philippines, Uptown Mall BGC entrance

I can’t pinpoint the exact details how but I am somewhat familiar with the brand. Maybe through one of my aunts who likes to keep the house clean and smelling fresh or our relatives who are living overseas.

I stop at a distance and sigh blissfully, like I am smelling flowers in a beautiful garden. It was sweet and inviting, so I tell myself it will not hurt to take a peek inside. A center table with a selection of featured fragrances of the month welcomes you upon entering. It felt like I am touring someone’s home as I browse through each shelf. One whiff would take me to the kitchen or the bedroom, toilet and bath or the garden.

Yankee Candle Philippines, Uptown Mall BGC, Fragrance of the Month table

Yankee Candle Philippines, Uptown Mall BGC, window display

Yankee Candle Philippines, Uptown Mall BGC

It is my first time visiting a scented candle store so choosing can be confusing and intimidating. Yankee Candle Philippines currently offers a selection of over 150 scents (plus seasonal ones!) for your home from the UK catalogue which comes in different styles and sizes. The staff are happy to help you choose, just mention your preferences so they can give you a number of recommendations.

Yankee Candle classic jars in 3 sizes
Yankee Candle tumblers and tea lights
2-wick candle


Yankee Candle Sampler Tarts
Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres

We don’t have a car yet but wouldn’t it be nice to have a Yankee Candle car scent on it? That will definitely help you relax while on the road 🙂
It is fun checking out different scents and love that they smell like how they’re supposed to. The food- and fruit-scented ones are mouth-watering! So far I like Wedding Day and Black Cherry.

You might feel dizzy after a while and have temporary difficulty detecting any scent. This is called olfactory fatigue (thank you Jam!), which can be cleared up by smelling coffee beans. Just mention it to the staff 🙂

They also sell candle accessories such as candle holders for jar, votive and tea lights, candle shades and Illumi-Lid Jar Candle Toppers, and a number of candle care tools like candle snuffers and wick trimmers. Not only are these functional/practical, they serve as decorative pieces as well.

Yankee Candle Tea Lights and accessories
What I loved about my visit to Yankee Candle Uptown Mall branch is that along the way I learned a lot about scented candles and how to maximize them. Here are some that I can remember on top of my head:

  • Candles have three (3) fragrance notes (head, mid, base) which makes it smell different from your initial impression.
  • Always keep the wick(s) trimmed at 1/8 inch.
  • Burn 3 hours at a time to minimize the wax left on the sides of the classic jar.

Another thing is that they let the customers take their time at the store without pressuring to make a purchase on the spot

People see Yankee Candle as a premium brand because of its price point. To me, it always pays to invest in quality products and are actually economical if used properly.

One might be weary to buy a large classic jar, which is recommended for existing Yankee Candle users. If you do the math, you can light it up from 50 (150 hours divided by 3 hours) to 150 times and it will only cost you less than P15 per hour! With a small classic jar, it will cost less than P20 per hour of use.

So next time you want to add ambiance to your home or looking for gift ideas with a personal touch, consider buying a Yankee Candle product. I can’t wait to go back and buy my first one that would remind me of the beach <3

Dear reader, are you a fan of scented candles? What’s your favorite scent? Let’s talk about it at the comments section below 🙂

Perfect Serenity Bliss Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Yankee Candle in the Philippines. Visit their flagship store at GF Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig City, their branch at GF Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila or the newly-opened kiosk at 4F Shangri-La Plaza Mall Main Atrium, Mandaluyong.

Soon to open store for 2017 will be located at GF S Maison Conrad Hotel in Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

For more information about Yankee Candle Philippines, check out their official website, Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtags #YankeeCandlePhilippines #LiveLifeScentfully when posting on social media about your recent visit or purchase 🙂

  1. had seen yankee candles at SM BF Paranaque the most irresistable scent is soft blanket followed by clean cotton black coconut blue falls and lavender 🙂 though I bought the tart candle and car scent jar 🙂

    1. Hey Christine, thanks for dropping by! Those are good scent choices. It’s good that you started with small ones so you can test out different scents. When you’re already decided on your go-to ones, you can invest in a bigger jar next time :).

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