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[Exhibit] Condition Report – Dissident Vicinities

August 22, 2017

Filipino curator Lisa Ito-Tapang puts up an individual exhibit called ” Dissident Vicinities ” as part of the second phase of Condition Report, running until September 1.

PRESS RELEASE – The exhibition “ Dissident Vicinities ” responds to moments— lived or archived—in the histories of people’s movements for liberation and rights in the Philippines. It reflects on the questions: How are people’s struggles visualized within various localities and spheres? How do social movements, in
turn, contribute to the visual culture of collective resistance?

The exhibition touches on how cultural work and production contributes to arenas of struggle. Such instances of rupture and advance across zones traditional and subaltern yield material objects as evidence of dissent: works of art, archival materials and agitational propaganda. Let these encounters be reminders of what can and should be in this time of power writ large; in this period of looming authoritarianism, empire guised as integration, and climates of peril.

“ Dissident Vicinities ” features works by Karl Castro, Nathalie Dagmang, Leonilo Doloricon in collaboration with Tom Estrera, Boy Dominguez, Voltaire Guray, Renz Lee, Archie Oclos, Renan Ortiz, Henrielle Pagkaliwangan, Melvin Pollero, Iggy Rodriguez, Pablo Baen Santos, Sining Lila, Aldrein Silanga, and UGATLahi Artists Collective, as well as a public program of events.

“ Dissident Vicinities ” is curated by Lisa Ito-Tapang as part of Condition Report—a series of contemporary art shows organized with the support of the Japan Foundation Asia Center. She was also part of a Condition Report collaborative exhibit, Almost There (March 2017).

The exhibit runs from August 18 to September 1, 2017 at the Main Hall and Atelyer of the Bulwagan ng Dangal Museum at the Southwing Basement, UPD Main Library (Gonzalez Hall), G. Apacible cor. Roxas St. (Academic Oval), University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. Admission is free.

For inquiries about the exhibition, please contact the curator at litapang@upd.edu.ph. Inquiries directly addressed to Bulwagan ng Dangal may be sent to Ms. Zeny Recidoro at bnd.uhm@gmail.com or at 981 8500 local 2874 or 2876.

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