Change Viber phone number without losing data

September 20, 2017

Messaging app Rakuten Viber now provides a stress-free way to switch to a new number or devices.

Changing your mobile number might be liberating and upgrading your device is gratifying but it’s also a stressful task. You need to install your favorite apps again. Logging into your accounts is troublesome when you do not remember your credentials. Syncing your app data takes forever. Informing your contacts of your new number is another story.

Here’s some good news for you if you use Viber to catch up with family and friends or for work:

A major update on Viber enables users to change their mobile number and primary device without losing their any data. No need to worry about losing your entire chat history, downloaded sticker packs and Viber Out credits!

How does this work?

Viber automatically detects your new SIM card, which prompts the change Viber phone number flow. With just a few easy steps the user can transfer all of their Viber data into their new number.

Users changing both number and device on the same operating system must complete the process first via their old phone. When the change Viber phone number flow is done, insert the new SIM card in the new device. Finally, activate your Viber account.

Viber contacts who has your old number will receive an in-chat notification with a prompt to save your new one. Once they have done that they can carry on chatting with you!

Note: this feature is available to Android and iOS users.

viber change phone number update

See how easy and seamless that is? Update your app now!

Viber is available on Google Play and App Store.


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  1. Hey! Good thing I saw this post. But I got confused after reading this. Lol. Is changing number same as changing SIM card? I plan to change my SIM card (hence new number with the tourist sim card) on my present phone when I travel abroad and I am worried that my Viber contacts, chat groups, messages, etc will be gone. And when I get back, I will be using my local SIM card (Globe) again.

    I have read that you can change your number without losing any data. But Viber gave me a confusing answer when I asked thru Twitter. Lol. I hope you can clear things out for me. Hahaha! Thanks in advance!

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