M&J’s Archery Range Marikina

September 18, 2017

Channel your inner Katniss Everdeen (or cupid) at the newest outdoor recreational destination in the Shoe Capital.

I have tried outdoor archery before at The Sandbox Adventure using a wooden recurve bow and arrows. First we practiced at the range then challenged ourselves through the archery maze. I really enjoyed the experience even if it was short and sweet.

A lot of indoor and outdoor archery ranges have popped up all over the metro. I discovered M&J’s Archery Range through my blogger friends Mommy Armi and Sis Cie. We dropped by during its soft launch for a free trial after visiting SM Pet Park.

Here’s a quick recap of that night:

M&J’s Archery Range has six target boards and use a set of plastic bow and 10 arrows with sponge foam.

Everyone’s friendly, well-trained and proactive. They teach you the basics and rules first. They also guide you when you’re missing the targets and cheer you on when you’re (almost) hitting them hehe!

The owner is very hands on, teaching the kids how to properly hold the bow and secure the arrow.

Copying the proper stance.
Ms. Jenny telling me to tilt the bow to avoid the arrow from slipping. With a plastic bow, you place the arrow between beads which you secure with your fingers. This is unlike with a wooden bow where you only need to snap your arrow to secure it.

Almost there!

The experience was different in terms of using the plastic bow and arrow. The targets tend to get knocked over even though you were aiming for another. It was even drizzling a bit at some point during our stay but I didn’t mind because I was having so much fun!

Archery sounds like an expensive hobby or recreational activity but at M&J’s you only have to pay P75 per 30 minutes. You pay by time so no worries if you want to share with your companion/s!

You can also grab some chow and drinks at Mike & Jeni’s Gastropub while playing or afterwards! Smoking is also allowed within the range.


M&J’s Archery Range is located along Gil Fernando Ave. San Roque, Marikina City, behind Matteo’s and Gangnam Restaurant. It is open from 4PM to 9PM, Tuesdays to Sundays.

How to commute going here:

  • From Marikina Bayan – ride a “Sta. Lucia / Robinsons / Masinag / Cogeo / Padilla” jeepney and alight at M&J Gastropub / Matteo’s / Gang Nam.
  • From San Mateo / Montalban – ride a “Sta. Lucia / Robinsons / Tropical” jeepney and alight at M&J Gastropub / Matteo’s / Gang Nam.
  • From Antipolo Simbahan – ride a “Cubao”-bound jeepney and alight at McDonalds Marcos Highway. Walk towards behind McDo and ride any jeepney (Marikina / Montalban). Alight at Petron and cross the street towards at M&J Gastropub / Matteo’s / Gang Nam.
  • From Cogeo / Padilla / Masinag – ride a “Marikina Bayan”-bound jeepney and alight at Petron. Cross the streeet towards M&J Gastropub / Matteo’s / Gang Nam.
  • From Pasig Palengke – ride a “Marikina Palengke”-bound jeepney and alight at Ligaya. Ride a “Montalban”-bound jeepney and alight at Petron. Cross the street towards towards M&J Gastropub / Matteo’s / Gang Nam.
  • From Cubao / LRT Santolan – ride a “Montalban”-bound jeepney and alight at Petron. Cross the street towards M&J Gastropub / Matteo’s / Gang Nam.

P.S.: Tumawid po tayo sa tamang tawiran πŸ˜‰

Thank you Marikina Foodies for the experience! πŸ™‚

  1. What a joke. Stop ruining the art and sport of archery just for a little profit. You’re changing the game which isn’t supposedly like that. Don’t call it archery range ffs coz it’s not real archery. Those equipment are for tag only. Not properly trained teaching the wrong way of archery.

    1. Hello, Anon. I’m just sharing my personal experience and it is not my business. Also, I agree that it’s different because, as I have mentioned in my post, I have tried it with a wooden recurve bow and arrow. This one is just for fun πŸ™‚

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