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[Interior Design] My Top 7 Spaces from the PSID GOLD Graduation Exhibit

October 1, 2017
PSID Gold Graduation Exhibit

The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) celebrates five decades of Interior Design education with its 38th graduation exhibit – “GOLD: Glamorous, Opulent and Luxurious Designs”.

PSID GOLD is comprised of twenty-four exquisitely-designed spaces where the trends of the decades will be highlighted. It will be mixed with the aesthetic of luxury, opulence and glamour while also celebrating comfort, functionality and cost efficiency. It recognizes the importance of practical and sustainable interiors, which provides design ideas that exhibit audiences can take away from. This reflects why PSID has produced some of the finest interiors designers in the industry and students who top the board exams every year.

This graduation exhibit offers a journey through three galleries:

The Students Gallery will exhibit interiors conceptualized and constructed by the students of PSID Advanced Class of 2017 and the PSID-AHLEN Institute.

The Balinese architecture used in the kitchen was able to maintain the warm and relaxing feeling together with elegance. Do take a minute to look at the beautiful patterns.

This Modern Deconstructivism booth for a fashion designer’s study/den is my top pick for Best Thesis award. They collaborated with fashion designer Tony Evan. The winning piece that launched his brand, the modern interpretation of the country’s national costume, is on display. The design and concept of the booth was patterned after it. It turned out simple yet classy. I also like the custom-designed work table that adds character to the room.

What I particularly like about this industrial luxe kitchen is the magnetic chalkboard wall where I can write down recipes and store my herbs and spices, the counter table which I can use for work and the sliding wine rack. Overall, this is perfect design transition for homes with bare concrete.

Years of education both from the school and in practice will shine in the PSID GOLD’s Alumni Gallery. It will feature works of established PSID alumni Chitz Legaspi and Lalyn Nivera. There are also booths dedicated to showcase PSID’s elite design training with the first Faculty Gallery. Selected instructors who are joining include Michael Pizarro, Mark Perez and Vianca Anonuevo, Gino and Karen Abrera, Jigs Adefuin, Mary Anne Bulanadi, and Chat Flores.

IDr. Mary Ann Bulanadi, one of the designers commissioned in the restoration of the Metropolitan Theater, designed a den/study room that’s also an art space featuring the works of contemporary artists. The mural, which will be auctioned, is a collaboration of Alfred Galvez, Julius Legaspi, Derrick Macutay, Abe Orobia and Jared Yokte.

Industrial luxe bedroom by IDr. Lalyn Nivera

“KintsukuRoom” by Gino and Karen Abrera. This den is meant for rest and relaxation after a day of hard work. The concept came from Japanese art of repairing broken pottery (kintsukuroi or kintsugi) and Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs (which places self-transcendence as man’s prime motivation).

An eco-friendly living room with vertical garden is showcased at “The Edge of Gold” space by Mike Suqui and Kat Obcemea. The room uses evocative lighting that bounces off the reflective surfaces in the room. This creates different moods while conserving energy.

See these glamorous, opulent and luxurious designs of living areas, dining areas, dens / study areas / libraries, lanais / patios, kitchens, bedrooms and bathing spaces yourself from the whole month of October at Uptown Bonifacio Mall, Bonifacio Global City (ground floor near H&M). Selected items from the exhibit booths will be auctioned off and proceeds will be donated to the PSID Batch 2017’s chosen charity.

PSID GOLD is co-presented by Megaworld and mounted in cooperation with Boysen, Schema, Shell Canvas, La Europa, Designery, Daikin and Tecson Flowers.

Congrats to Batch 2017 and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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