Earn, Shop and Save for the Holidays

December 1, 2017

The holidays are just around the corner and we are starting to panic with all the expenses that come along with it. Some are lucky to get some bonuses, but others are also looking for ways to get some extra buck.

Here are the things you can do to earn some money, save up and fully enjoy the holiday season the way you deserve it.

Avoid eating out

December is full of holidays, which means family gatherings, reunions and parties flowing with food and drinks! It’s best not to eat out anymore in between to save money.

Earn money online

With technology being advanced more than ever, online work is now available anywhere. This is a good way to earn extra. There are a lot of jobs available online that do not require a lot of time and effort. One job that stands out is online English teaching. There are companies like Bibo that don’t require a schedule or number of hours. Freelancing websites like can also give you part time jobs that you could also manage during your free time.

Make a list (and check it twice *wink wink*)

Usually during this season, we are in a very festive and outgoing mood which leads to excessive partying, shopping and of course, spending. Make sure to prepare a list of events you will attend and another for people and gifts you want to buy for them. Making a list will help you stay within your budget.

White elephant

They say regifting is a bad habit. I say, it is very smart and economical. When it comes to regifting, there is a certain art to it so you don’t end up looking cheap. You can also sell your unused or old things. The holidays bring a lot of shopping and as a golden rule for minimalism says, “one in, one out.” This is a good way of making money out of the things that you don’t really need. In addition, someone might be really happy to get the items that you find disposable.

Save up

Spending is hard to avoid, especially during this time of the year. But before you empty your bank accounts and give Santa Claus a run for his job, make sure to leave something for your savings. Do not buy unnecessary things and try to buy items on discount.


Christmas, New Year and other holidays in between only come once in a year. Celebrate and party your heart out without getting broke as it ends. Afterall, nobody likes starting a new year with an empty wallet.

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