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December 11, 2017

My most hygge experience to date was spending quality time on a quick trip to Tagaytay with my dear July.

Rare are the days that our travels are virtually work-free but any opportunity to be together, we just make the best out of it. Such is the case when we had an unplanned staycation.

I left Manila a little later than intended and took my chances in catching a ride along EDSA Ayala instead of heading to the terminal in Buendia. I’m not one to stand inside the bus but I was already pressured with him arriving very early at our meeting place.

We commuted from Balibago terminal in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and as we ascended, he walked me through his weekly biking routine. I vividly recall him telling me where the difficult/dangerous sections and resting areas are. An hour passed and we reached Tagaytay City Market, where we rode another jeepney. We alighted in front of Picnic Grove as our accommodation was just across the street.

Checking in at View Park Hotel was a breeze. I filled out a form and had a welcome drink while they prepared our room. The Instagram-friendly lobby made us excited about the rest of the property. We were then ushered to another building where our junior suite was located.

We wanted to explore Tagaytay a bit after our dinner at Siglo Modern Filipino. Walking around was fine by him while I was thinking about riding a ferris wheel. However, it was already past 8pm and commuting back to the hotel was limited to riding a tricycle. We decided to grab some snacks and drinks at the nearest 7-11 instead and drop by the hotel’s pasalubong corner.

1 of two bed weather cravings satisfied <3 #GeekyKitch

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Staying in isn’t so bad when you have a cozy room. We made ourselves comfortable on the queen size bed while watching movies and checking social media. I chilled the remaining bottles in the mini fridge and let sleep took over.

Sitting by the window of our corner room, we can see the main road while drawing the curtains by the side of the bed had a view of the garden.

It’s hard to sleep in when you’re used to waking up as early as 3am so I made us coffee and ate some chips. I slept later than him so I went to get some more.

Expecting it to be foggy and chilly that morning because a typhoon just passed by yet the sun’s warmth greeted us. We took a stroll after eating our complimentary breakfast, to exercise and for him to watch bikers.

#iloveview weekend! i dont wanna leave yet ๐Ÿ™

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We rested for a bit before we freshened up and checked out. Of course, no trip to this city is complete without having bulalo so we went to Mahogany Market!

It felt like we just got there but we’re already leaving (I went to see Nuvali’s Magical Field of Lights while he went straight home). It’s nice to do something spontaneous once in a while. I’m thankful that he took time from his busy schedule to spent it making new memories with me.

We were able to relax, feel at home and forget about life’s worries. This is essentially what hygge is all about and exactly what View Park Hotel offers its guests for 10 years! If you want to learn the art of doing nothing on your next trip to Tagaytay, book your stay here. Thank you to the staff who welcomed us warmly and gave us recommendations.


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