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December 30, 2017

Real estate costs a fortune in Singapore and rent can skyrocket at a moment’s notice. So as you can imagine, space is an expensive commodity and it is scarce.

When your apartment is one of those high-cost tiny square-footage types, it can get pretty cramped. It’s important to pay close attention to interior design to maximize the space without foregoing the usual creature comforts. This includes limiting decor without going full-blown minimalist.

A favorite apartment decor which makes a big difference by instantly brightening up a room are fresh, cut flowers. The problem is, buying high quality flowers on a regular basis can rack up a pretty hefty price tag.

Fortunately, there’s A Better Florist that sells lush bouquets at reasonable prices. They have the fastest flower delivery in Singapore so the flowers won’t even have time to wilt during transit.

They come fresh and perfectly bloomed so you get to enjoy the flowers for a longer period. They even go as far as including flower care instructions with your order so you can extend the life of the blooms. Some of the bouquets also include a container, like a mason jar or a rustic vase wrapped in hemp twine, so you can easily display the flowers as a centerpiece. These little attention to details and personal touches make them the best florist in Singapore. Their simple and straightforward collection also features recovery blooms, fresh fruits or fruit basket delivery, gift hampers and baskets, grand opening flowers, funeral flowers and baby-friendly flowers for new moms.

If you like to order flowers regularly, then you can try their floral subscription service. It’s great because you’ll be receiving curated and in-season flowers prepared by their professional florists without the hassle of ordering online every time. In fact, you can reduce the cost further by ordering low-maintenance succulents to add some greenery in your apartment without the usual floral upkeep.

It’s easy to make your home inviting and sophisticated without shelling out a fortune. So the next time you’re looking to spruce up your space, try out with the best flower delivery in Singapore.

Three other locations can now likewise enjoy this popular flower delivery service as A Better Florist recently opened shops for Hong Kong flower delivery and Abu Dhabi and Dubai flower delivery. They’ve clearly kept their high standards for flower delivery, service and flower quality because they’ve been recognized as the best flower delivery in Hong Kong and best florist in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Luxurious flowers don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Purchase flowers for less at A Better Florist!

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