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Losing identity.

March 27, 2018

I woke up to news of identity theft.

A certain Diane Park (@kianet19) messaged me on Instagram this morning, sending me a screenshot of her conversion with someone who she was buying tickets from. At first, I was hesitant to view the photo (it was blurred out since the message was coming from someone I don’t know) in case it was a prank and the person was sending me something scary or gory.

The photo (of my school IDs, both temporary and new) was taken from a personal post I have written in 2014, where I was sharing about my (supposedly) last two semesters in college.

I have replied to her message, telling her that the photo was taken from my blog and I am not selling any tickets. I thanked her for the heads up and asked for the Facebook profile of the person she was transacting with. As of this writing, she has seen zoned my response. I sent her another message to tell her that I do not take identity theft lightly and provided her with links to Facebook profile accounts that I own.

I just want the public to know that in case you encounter someone who is using my IDs as proof of identity or even using my photos in an account that is not under “Demi Angeles” or “Dems Angeles”, you are free to message me on any of my social media accounts to verify.

I have always been aware of identity theft on social media for years, especially those used for black ops. I admit there is negligence on my end, hoping any content I share on the blog will not be stolen and used for selfish reasons. It’s also a reminder for us not to be complacent and be mindful of what we share online.

Thanks to friends who have reached out!

UPDATE: around 3pm, Diane replied to me with a link to the FB account. Hope you can help me report!

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