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Year in Review: Loss at Level 27

May 28, 2018

Level 27 felt like I have gone through a (mini?) boss battle.

Five months in and I couldn’t help but talk about getting sick, being stressed out, pressured and grieving. It became my default state.

I started a new office-based job end of November 2017. I never seem to run out of things to do but I don’t mind because I am involved in programs that help progress the animation industry and education. While adjusting to corporate life, which include commuting woes, I was battling flu and its symptoms that came and went for months. I even barely remember the days I was of good health. It didn’t help that my mind was and is still in a constant state of anxiety, made worse with my high sensitivity. It hit me so hard that stress caused me a bad case of hair fall.

Quick breaks were not enough to recharge me but it was better than nothing. Having something to look forward to and unwavering support from July and friends kept me from spiraling down. Like on the last leg of the journey, I was able to do a surprise for July’s birthday (pizza and staycation). I also had four and a half days of rest before I jump to Level 28. My mind was filled with travel plans but I reckoned it’s better to stay in the Metro.

Wednesday: I met up with my friend Jam and her husband, who were on a vacation, at a dessert place. We would’ve gone to a Japanese restaurant for dinner if only they did not have plans.

Thursday/Saturday: I was supposed to meet with Donna and Miel but I overslept and my phone was on silent mode. Arriving early at our meetup place, I bought an Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls and claimed my free cake to munch on while waiting.

Before I forget to claim.. 😅

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Sunday: these #titasofmanila, me and with my highschool best friend Clarisse, went window shopping and Asian food tripping at Megamall. Thanks for the wallet-pouch!

Breakfast and lunch sundate! Thank you ateng 😙🍥😍

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After parting ways with her with promises of future food adventures, I had dinner with my brother at his usual Korean BBQ restaurant. P299 for unli samgyupsal!

Yesterday’s evening meal: 삼겹살 !

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I got the best gift from everyone: spend time with people who matter and just be myself. I also got more sleep which was a welcome change to my routine and it made me ready to face another work week.

Thank you guys and to those who sent me greetings via SMS/social media! Cheers to another year!

(I started drafting this post on the 28th of March with a sentence or two. It wasn’t until I was trying to fall asleep last May 20 that I was able to fill this page.)

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