Marikeño and Rizaleño’s Guide to BFCT East Metro Terminal Marikina

September 21, 2018

Feel like going on a roadtrip? No need to go to Cubao or Pasay to catch that bus!

A transport terminal in Marikina City now offers travelers from East of Manila a more convenient way to travel by land. The central bus station called BFCT East Metro Terminal will serve the residents of Marikina, Rizal and East Pasig. Different bus companies offer southbound destinations such as Mindoro, Boracay, Iloilo, Antique, Quezon, Bicol region, Samar, Bohol and up to Mindanao.

Bus Companies, Routes, Trip Schedules and Fares Information

Disclaimer: fares, routes and schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Information listed here were sourced from the terminal’s official website and Facebook page as of September 30, 2019. The author has also reached out to the transport companies for updates/clarification.

Alabang Transport Service Cooperative

  • Destinations: Antique, Estancia Iloilo
  • Departure time: 9AM
  • Contact info: (02) 8721497 |

Alps The Bus, Inc.

  • Destinations: Leon, Iloilo via Tapaz / Jamindan
  • Contact info: 09177026452 / 09399252460 (both for Cubao ticketing office)


  • Destinations: Bicol, Sorsogon
  • Contact info: 09175089727 (ticketing office)
  • Book online via PinoyTravel website
Departure Route Type Regular Fare Discounted Fare
6:30AM Legaspi 40 seater 2×2 AC/with CR
9:30AM Tabaco 40 seater 2×2 AC/with CR
2:30PM Tabaco 40 seater 2×2 AC/with CR
3:30PM Bulan 40 seater 2×2 AC/with CR
4:30PM Tabaco – Tiwi 44 seater 2×2 AC/with CR
5:30PM Buhi 40 seater 2×2 Regular AC
6:00PM Legaspi 40 seater 2×2 AC/with CR
6:45PM Tabaco 44 seater 2×2 AC only
7:00PM Buhi 40 seater 2×2 AC/with CR
8:00PM Legaspi 26 seater 2x1with CR
9:00PM Tabaco 40 seater 2×2 AC/with CR


  • Destinations: Caticlan Kalibo Bang / Nabas Balete Crossing Himbes / Ibajay Altavas Crossing Talaba / Makatao Mambusao Sigma / Numancia Dao Capiz Cuatero / Dumarao Passi Binyas / Pototan M-Nuevo Guimaras / Zarraga Ligalinis Aro iloilo / Mindoro Via Calapan / Mindoro Via Abra
  • Departure Times:
    • Iloilo-bound (central line) – 11:30AM
  • Contact info: 0917 6571257
Departure Route Type Regular Fare Discounted Fare
11:30AM Altavas Aircon P1,450.00
11:30AM Balite Aircon P1,400.00
11:30AM Banga Aircon P1,400.00
11:30AM Barotac Nuevo Aircon 1,500.00
11:30AM Caticlan Aircon P1,300.00
11:30AM Crossing Talaba Aircon P1,450.00
11:30AM Cuartero Aircon P1,450.00
11:30AM Dao, Capiz Aircon P1,450.00
11:30AM Duenas Aircon P1,500.00
11:30AM Dumanggas Aircon P1,650.00
11:30AM Dumarao Aircon P1,450.00
11:30AM Guimatas Aircon P1,550.00
11:30AM Ibajay Aircon P1,350.00
11:30AM Iloilo City Aircon P1,550.00
11:30AM Kalibo Aircon P1,400.00
11:30AM Legalis Aircon P1,550.00
11:30AM Makato Aircon P1,350.00
11:30AM Mambusao, Capiz Aircon P1,450.00
11:30AM Nabas Aircon P1,300.00
11:30AM Numancia Aircon P1,400.00
11:30AM Passi Aircon P1,500.00
11:30AM Pototan Aircon P1,500.00
11:30AM Sigma Aircon P1,450.00
11:30AM Tangalan Aircon P1,350.00
11:30AM Zarraga Aircon P1,550.00

Dimple Star Transport

  • Destinations: Guimaras, Iloilo, Mindoro
  • Contact info: 0939 4777225 (Nina)
Departure Route Fare (Aircon) Fare (Ordinary)
Alimodan P1,470.00
Altavas P1,300.00 P1,200.00
Anini-y P1,370.00 P1,120.00
Balete P1,280.00 P1,170.00
Banga P1,260.00 P1,160.00
Barbaza P1,240.00 P1,020.00
Belizon P1,300.00 P1,070.00
Bilao P1,320.00 P1,220.00
Bugasong P1,270.00 P1,030.00
C. Sapian P1,330.00 P1,230.00
Cabatuan P1,420.00
Calinog P1,370.00
Caticlan P1,100.00 P940.00
Cuartero P1,370.00 P1,260.00
Culasi P1,190.00 P990.00
Dao P1,360.00 P1,110.00
Dao Capiz / Manhoy P1,365.00 P1,255.00
Dawis P1,450.00 P1,325.00
Dingle P1,420.00 P1,310.00
Dumalag P1,380.00 P1,265.00
Dumarao P1,400.00 P1,290.00
Guimaras P1,550.00 P1,460.00
Guimbal P1,440.00 P1,160.00
Hamtic P1,350.00 P1,100.00
Ibajay P1,170.00 P1,100.00
Jamindan P1,300.00
Janiuay P1,410.00
Kalibo P1,260.00 P1,150.00
Lambunao P1,380.00
Lawigan P1,390.00 P1,130.00
Leon P1,489.00
Makato P1,200.00 P1,140.00
Mambusao P1,340.00 P1,240.00
Miag-ao P1,420.00 P1,150.00
Nabas P1,120.00 P950.00
Numancia P1,230.00 P1,145.00
Oton/Mohon P1,470.00 P1,190.00
Pandan P1,140.00 P960.00
Passi P1,410.00 P1,300.00
Patnongon P1,290.00 P1,060.00
Pavia P1,444.00
Pototan P1,440.00 P1,320.00
San Joaquin P1,400.00 P1,140.00
San Jose P1,330.00 P1,090.00
San Miguel P1,460.00
Sebaste P1,160.00 P970.00
Sibalom P1,320.00 P1,080.00
Sigma P1,350.00 P1,245.00
Sta. Barbara P1,430.00
Tagbak P1,480.00 P1,360.00
Tangalan P1,180.00 P1,125.00
Tapaz P1,340.00
Tibiao P1,220.00 P1,010.00
Tigbauan P1,450.00 P1,170.00
Tiolas P1,400.00 P1,140.00

Elavil Tours & AMW Transport

  • Destinations: Masbate, Samar
  • Contact info: 0998 3239534


  • Destinations: Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Viscaya

Fortune Star

  • Destination: Eastern Samar
  • Contact info: 0919 4140434

JVH Transport & R. Volante Line

  • Destination: Bicol
  • Contact info: 0999 3514560 (Joven), 0909 5840836 (Rhic)
Departure Route Type Fare
7:30AM Matnog – Bulan – Sorsogon – Naga CBD Ordinary P600.00
9:30AM Pilar Pier (Masbate) – Donsol – Naga CBD Ordinary P600.00
10:30AM Tabaco Pier – Legaspi – Daraga Shell Ordinary P600.00
11:30AM Pilar Pier (Masbate) – Donsol – Daraga Shell Ordinary P600.00
12:30PM Tabaco Pier – Legaspi – Daraga Shell Ordinary P600.00
1:30PM Sta Magdalena – Matnog – Bulan – Sorsogon Aircon P650.00 / P750.00 / P900.00
1:30PM Sta Magdalena – Matnog – Bulan – Sorsogon Ordinary P650.00 / P700.00
2:00PM Pilar Pier (Masbate) – Naga CBD – Daraga Shell Aircon P800.00 / P900.00
2:00PM Bacon Sorsogon Ordinary P700.00
2:30PM Gubat – Barcelona – Prieto Dias – Sorsogon Aircon P800.00 / P900.00
2:30PM Pilar Pier & Tabaco Pier Ordinary P600.00 / P700.00
3:30PM Gubat – Barcelona – Prieto Dias Sorsogon – Daraga Shell – Naga Ordinary P500.00 / P600.00 / P700.00
5:30PM Tabaco Pier – Legaspi – Daraga Ordinary P600.00
7:30PM Tabaco Pier – Legaspi – Daraga Ordinary P600.00

Lounilou Travels & Tours

  • Destinations: Aklan, Iloilo
  • Contact info: 0998 9730949 (office), 0939 9136252 (ticketing outlet)
Departure Route Regular Fare Discounted Fare
Anini-y P1,650.00
Barbaza P1,500.00
Beleson P1,600.00
Bugasong P1,550.00
Caticlan P1,475.00
Culasi P1,475.00
Dao P1,650.00
Guimbal P1,700.00
Hamtic P1,650.00
Laua-an P1,550.00
Miag-ao P1,700.00
Molo P1,750.00
Oton P1,750.00
Pandan P1,475.00
Patnongon P1,550.00
San Joaquin P1,700.00
San Jose P1,600.00
Sebaste P1,475.00
Sibalom P1,600.00
Tibiao P1,500.00
Tigbawan P1,750.00

Mega Bus

  • Destinations: Bicol, Bohol
  • Contact info: 02 5713165, 0921 5080994 |
Departure Route Type Fare
8:30AM Rawis
9:00AM Masbate
9:00AM Rawis 1st TRIP
10:00AM Bato
10:30AM Masbate
2:00PM Bulan
2:30PM Rawis 2nd Trip
4:20PM Bulan

Occidental Mindoro Transport Service Cooperative

  • Destinations: Sta. Cruz, Calintaan, Rizal, San Jose, Abra de Ilog, Mamburao & Sablayan
  • Frequency: Daily


  • Destinations: Samar, Daet, Iloilo, Davao, Surigao, Cagayan de Oro
  • Frequency: Daily

Raymond Transportation

  • Destinations: Infanta Quezon, Tabaco, Legaspi, Sorsogon


  • Destinations: Tabaco, Legaspi, Naga
  • Contact info: 0912 3930792


  • Destinations: Masbate, Oriental Mindoro via Calapan
  • Departure Times:
    • Masbate – 12NN
    • Oriental Mindoro via Calapan – 6AM, 2PM, 8PM
  • Contact info: 0917 1204399
  • Book online via Biyaheroes website

Silver Star

  • Destinations: Bohol, Samar, Leyte

Southern Phils Tribal Transport

  • Destination: Iloilo


  • Destination: Catbuwaran, Pioduran, Maramba, Pantao, Naga
  • Departure time: 2PM, 4:15PM
  • Contact info: 0949 9141738 |


  • Destinaton: Estancia, Roxas City, Kalibo, Caticlan, Antique

Getting to BFCT East Metro Terminal Marikina

The terminal is situated at the corner of Marcos Highway and Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Bridge (C5-Marcos Highway exit), Santolan, Pasig side.

If you are commuting from Marikina or Rizal, ride a jeep/fx that will pass through Marcos Highway. These are PUVs with Montalban-Cubao, Padilla-Cubao, Cogeo-Cubao, Antipolo – Cubao signboards and the like. Pay the appropriate fare for SM City Marikina. Alight at the mall and walk towards the opposite side of the highway via the overpass.

Residents of Kalumpang, Marikina can take a tricycle going to Otto, cross the footbridge to Santolan then walk towards the terminal. Likewise, Santolan Pasig residents are one tricycle ride and a short walk away.

Contact BFCT East Metro Terminal Marikina at (02) 7170468 or 0917 712 3635 for inquiries. You can also visit or their Facebook page for updates.

#DANGmusings on BFCT East Metro Terminal

  • I got excited on the prospect of not having to spend too much on fares just to get to the bus station. They don’t cater to any northbound destinations yet, which is where I’m thinking of going for my solo travels. (Yes, Baguio, always thinking of you.)
  • Honestly, it’s not an easy walk to the terminal if you are alighting on the southbound lane of Marcos Highway. Also, I wouldn’t feel safe walking here at night time or for early morning trips. I hope the government would consider having a shuttle from LRT Santolan-Otto-SM City Marikina. Or maybe allow jeepneys that cut trips to drop off passengers here on their way back to the train station.
  • The area is flood-prone, as it is located along Marikina River, so cease of operations can be quite common. Have a back up plan just in case.

Dear readers from the east, are you also excited for this development? Where would you go on your next trip from this terminal? Let’s talk about it on the comments section 🙂

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