Intel Optane Technology showcased in Acer’s gaming series

September 28, 2018

Fellow gamers, you won’t miss a beat while the action unfolds with the latest innovation from Intel, first seen in Acer Nitro gaming laptop.

Say, there’s a chef working alone in a restaurant. No matter how great he is in the kitchen, preparing the ingredients takes time and effort. He can get a sous chef (or two) to assist and lighten the load so he can focus on cooking.

Now imagine that chef is your PC/laptop’s processor. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t get the job done on its own without sacrificing speed or quality. It can rely on storage as its ‘sous chef’ but it wouldn’t help that much if it doesn’t have an acceleration technology.

In a launch held last September 26 at I Darts Dash BGC, Intel, together with Acer, introduced a new memory module that boost your hard drive to a Solid State Drive-level of performance.

Intel Optane Technology is a smart and adaptable system accelerator that gives users high-storage capacity, exceptional speed, affordability and simple file management. It communicates directly with the processor (compatible with 7th Gen and newer Intel Core) and hard drive. It does not increase capacity; rather, it recognizes important files by adopting to the user’s behavior and boosts those. This is very convenient because it acts like a cache and therefore does not need to be configured.

For gamers, this would mean increased responsiveness and load times. Goodbye lag / delays!

Test the Intel Optane Technology speed boost yourself with Acer Nitro 5, available at P59,999.00 for Core i5+ and P69,999.00 for Core i7+.

Visit the Acer Philippines Facebook Page and the Acer Philippines website, and follow @acerphils on Twitter for more information.

Stay tuned for the unboxing & first impressions of the Optane-powered Acer Nitro 5! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates 🙂

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