How to prepare for winter cycling

October 24, 2018

As the cold season draws nearer, many people often tend to abandon their biking hobby for reason being that it is too cold to carry out the exercise. But how cold is too cold?

Cycling should not only be a summer’s activity. You can still enjoy cycling through the winter season using various methods to keep you warm and keep your bicycle winter-proof to maintain it through the snow season.

Thus, here is how you can prepare for winter cycling.

Your Safety First

The onset of the cold season means that you have to keep warm. As you psych yourself up for a biking session, ensure that you are dressed warmly and in comfortable riding gear. This will ensure that you enjoy riding your bike through various routes.

You can ensure your warmth and safety by using decent cycling hand gloves, suitable and warm cycling shoes and comfortable cycling gear.

Also, create a winter plan to enable easy cycling and track your cycling progress.

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Preparing your bicycle for winter cycling

Now that you have your safety and warmth in check, the next thing you do is to ensure that your bicycle is ready for cycling through the rain and snow. Ensure that you use a winter-suitable bike such as hybrid bikes.

Here is how you can do that:

Lubricate your bike

Cycling in the winter season involves a lot of encounter with a watery ground. This exposes your bike to oxidation and corrosion of the steel and aluminum frames. Thus, lubricate your bike with a product that ensures your frames are protected.

Add reflectors

Winter weather is darker than the summer days. Hence, you can add reflective aids that will guide and help you in foggy weather or dark condition. You can also add modern powered lights to your bicycle to help you navigate through the dark.

Add mudguards

This is an accessory you cannot do without during the winter. Mudguards protect your bike’s components thus elongating your bike’s life.

Prevent punctures

There is nothing misfortunate as getting a puncture in the cold, dark and rainy/snowy night. Thus, keep such misfortunes at bay by using additional tubes on your bike. This will help you enjoy bike rides without worrying about punctures.

All in all, ensure that you combine your cycling session with a healthy diet. You can enroll in cycling events in the winter and explore new places. However, ensure to maintain your safety and keep your bicycle in good condition to ensure that it functions properly. Do not let the cold deter you from carrying out your favorite hobby.

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