9 Cleaning Mistakes You Need To Avoid For Saving Time and Labor

January 31, 2019

We wish to get rid of the daily household work as soon as possible.

But many times you find that, in spite of the best possible effort, you end up getting late and tired almost every day. If you are committing some cleaning mistakes, then trust us from sunrise to sunset, you will find yourself working on household stuff.

1. Forgetting the golden rule of cleaning: “start from the top and move down” – If vacuum cleaning is your most non-favored job, you will finish it up first so you can relax. However, if you’re cleaning the top shelves of the kitchen or your entertainment unit shelves last, then the dust will fall and you have to vacuum clean the carpet again! For a list of good vacuum cleaners, check out Vacuum Judge Site.

2. Not sorting out laundry before washing – You’re always in hurry due to work or other chores which leaves you no time to sort clothes. Do you know how bad this habit is? You end up spending time removing lint after washing clothes. Best to separate the lint
giver clothes from the lint catching ones to save time.

3. Letting the sun rays in while cleaning the floor – The heat from the sun dries out the cleaner fast before you can wipe it out. Cover your window first before you work on the flooring.

4. Forgetting to switch off upright vacuum while cleaning bare floor – When you forget to switch off the rotating brush of your vacuum, none of the dust will be picked. Don’t forget to turn it off to avoid scattering the dust.

5. Not maximizing your dishwasher – If you have a dishwasher at home, you are wasting time and electricity by not using it. Its purpose is to hygienically clean the dishes to perfection. Just add the leftover food to your compost bin then put the plate in the dishwasher.

6. Not letting the tile cleaner to sit well on the tiles – One of the biggest mistakes of all homeowners happen when cleaning the tiles. Give the tile cleaner and spray tub some time to work on the tiles before you start removing it from the floor. This softens the soap scum and hard stains. If you don’t then not only is it a waste of time but also a waste of the material.

7. Not cleaning your shoes before entering the house – It is bad habit and unhygienic to bring in dirt from outside as well as dust. This may cause an infection or other serious diseases in the family. Beat this problem by either going shoeless or cleaning your shoes first. Take help of the doormats on your front door and move your shoes front and back twice. This will pull off the dirt from the shoes easily and your carpet will remain clean and dirt free.

8. Using a lint roller to clean up furry hair of pet – Pet lovers, a lint roller is absolutely handy but not meant for heavy-cleaning jobs. Better to take some sticky paper and work on it. When the amount of pet hair is too much and you want to clean the
same as fast as you can, take the help of a rubber glove (damp). It will actually help to clear the hair
much faster and cleaner.

9. Not cleaning the household cleaners: Unwashed mops, cleaning cloths and a vacuum cleaner with full bags can’t actually help you to clean the dirt efficiently. If you do so, do you know what will happen? You will continue working harder and longer without getting any results in form of cleanliness in the house. Make a habit of weekly cleaning of cleaning tools for fast and efficient cleaning.

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