Fuji Xerox Philippines launches 14 ApeosPort-VII C and DocuCentre-VII C series digital color multifunction printers

January 21, 2019

Make your office work smarter with the latest Fuji Xerox digital color multifunction printers.

How’s your relationship with the office photocopying machine? Does it take time to get the job done? Do you need to wait around in case paper gets jammed or when you’re dealing with classified documents? Do you find it tricky to scan receipts of different sizes and orientation? When traveling, do you need to ask someone to print/copy on your behalf?

Fuji Xerox introduces two new series models that address the needs of a flexible and diversified workplace.

Gone are the days of hard buttons, noise and frustration associated with such devices.

ApeosPort-VII C and DocuCentre-VII C are user-friendly multifunction printers packed with enhanced connectivity and security features.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-VII

  • Machines go into sleep mode when not in use for save energy. The Smart WelcomeEyes sensors know when there’s an approaching user and turns the system on again.
  • Operate the printers with a tap or swipe on the 10.1-inch touchscreen panel that’s reminiscent of your standard tablet. It also has a tilt mechanism for an easier view and considers accessibility for persons with disability.
  • It’s very subtle while in operation, thanks to noise reduction technology and soft light notifications. This can help reduce information leaks due to unretrieved documents.
  • Print, scan and copy using the Fuji Xerox Print Utility app or by tapping your phone (uses NFC technology). You can also easily print your reports on-the-go via the Cloud On-Demand printing.
  • Secure data with strong device level encryption, document rights management and potential data backup creation.
  • Scanned documents can be translated to different languages – perfect for multinational companies.
  • These new units can process a variety of paper sizes and weights (from postcards to A3). These multifunction printers also support long printing and smooth scanning of irregular-sized documents.

Fuji Xerox Philippines Inc. President Hideaki Kato demonstrates the seamless integration and PWD-friendliness of their new devices.

These smart features of the ApeosPort-VII C and DocuCentre-VII C are based on the Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway Note1 concept which promotes increased productivity.
Both models offer seven (7) speed ranges of 25 to 70 sheets per minute, priced between P300k to P1M:

  • ApeosPort-VII C7773 / C6673 / C 5573 / C4473 / C3373 / C3372 / C2273
  • DocuCentre-VII C7773 / C6673 / C 5573 / C4473 / C3373 / C3372 / C2273

Units are available for purchase in all Fuji Xerox Sales and Service branches or via

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