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Year in Review: Let Go at Level 28

April 6, 2019

Another challenging year passed by.

I was in bed, waiting for the clock strike to twelve, and I was thinking what to write. Words seemed to elude me as I fell asleep with a blank page on hand.

Maybe there was nothing significantly good to share. Or rather, it made no sense to dwell on bad memories and feelings.

Instead, let’s rewind the clock and relive the day in relation to the 1st paragraph of this post.

I was quite the opposite of July. He couldn’t contain his excitement for this trip while I was just nonchalant about it. Our seats were checked in the moment the system allowed it (7 days before). If anything, I did prepare my things two weeks ahead of time for practicality reasons (crazy work schedule).

Fast forward to Friday the 29th and we were up so early that we had breakfast twice. Long lines greeted us at the boarding gate, which we luckily skipped as it was almost time to hop on. It was my first time running around the airport as we were not informed of the new gate assignment.

In between the short bus ride and departure delay, I was busy dealing with work concerns. I was the epitome of being ‘physically present but mentally absent‘ but he was patient with me.

Forty minutes later I was starting to feel calm as I unlocked a new destination – Boracay.

Our commute from the main island to our accommodation was smooth: bus, boat then a tricycle ride.

We didn’t have an itinerary like in all of our trips. To be honest I didn’t do any research because I wanted to learn why he loves this island. So after settling down, we took a walk down Bolabog Beach at noontime. We also ate at a random street restaurant where we chatted with some locals.

A few hours later, it was time to catch the famous sunset at White Beach! It was then that he officially welcomed me to Boracay. After taking touristy shots, I sat by the beach admiring the sky’s beautiful colors while he went for a dip. What a treat it was to just sit down and not think about anything!

I also had fun burying July on the sand along with a friendly Chinese tourist haha! Dinner was at another random street restaurant where we had dinuguan and adobong pusit.

I know this might be boring to read but carefree days like this is hard to come by for us. In fact this is our first trip together that’s not tied up with work.

I know that I had been living in a negative space, which I struggle to break free from everyday. So I couldn’t be more grateful that July wanted to focus on my healing + make up for lost time + communicating with me in my wavelength. No material gift could ever compete with what he had given me. Simple yet meaningful and heartfelt.

Extra pogi points sana if hindi niya ako inaasar kaso he can’t live without it hahahuhu!

Uncertainty lies ahead Level 29 as I go through some changes. However, I welcome all of it just like how I look forward to the sunrise.

Thank you to friends and family who never fail to send me warm greetings! Also, thank you to those who continuously support and love me despite my shortcomings/imperfections 💙

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