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[Film] Guide to the 24th French Film Festival

June 3, 2019

The 24th edition of the French Film Festival will celebrate family and human relationships.

Fifteen contemporary French films will be screened at Greenbelt 3 Cinemas, Makati and Bonifacio High Street Cinemas, Taguig on June 12-18, 2019.

“For nearly a quarter of a century, the French Film Festival has been attracting audiences to discover and rediscover films that offer a particular French aesthetic – those that tell stories that make you laugh, cry, or reflect on the human condition in our society,” French Ambassador Nicolas Galey stressed.

To formally open the 24th French Film Festival, French director Nils Tavernier will be in Manila for the screening his latest film, “L’Incroyable histoire du Facteur Cheval”. The movie got its inspiration from the love of a father to his children and his ability to overcome difficulties to make them happy.

The festival will pay tribute on Philippine Independence Day to Filipino films. Four films that have either been co-produced with or have been screened in prestigious festivals in France are included in the line-up. Meanwhile, a special screening of “Bande de filles” will followed by a forum co-hosted with SPARK! Philippines on June 14. This will explore and encourage dialogue on issues faced by young girls in France and in the Philippines.

24th French Film Festival line-up

De Toutes nos forces (The Finishers)

2014 | Drama | 1hr 30min

Like all teenagers, Julien dreams of adventure and thrilling sensations. But when you live in a wheelchair, such dreams are difficult to fulfill. To do so, Julien challenges his father to compete with him in the “Ironman” triathlon in Nice, one of the most difficult sporting events in the world. A whole family comes together and reconnects in an attempt to see this incredible exploit through.

L’Incroyable histoire du facteur cheval (The Ideal Palace)

2017 | Drama | 1hr 45min

South of France, 1879. Ferdinand Cheval is a reserved and quiet man. A rural mail carrier, he enjoys the loneliness of his 20 mile rounds while daydreaming about a world full of wonder and beauty he sees only through postcards and magazines. After the birth of Alice, his daughter, he has a revelation: to build her a castle to make her a princess. He builds with no architectural background, driven only by his love for Alice, the unconditional support of his wife, Philomène, and his vision.

Le Grand bain (Sink or Swim)

2018 | Comedy | 2hr 3min

A group of 40-something guys, all on the verge of a mid-life crisis, decide to form their local pool’s first ever synchronized swimming team – for men. Braving the skepticism and ridicule of those around them, and trained by a fallen champion trying to pull herself together, the group sets out on an unlikely adventure and, on the way, will rediscover a little self-esteem and a lot about themselves and each other.

Bande de Filles (Girlhood)

2014 | Drama | 1hr 52min

For 16 year old Marième, life is like a succession of prohibitions – the censorship in the neighborhood, boys ruling the roost, school’s dead end… But her encounter with three liberated girls changes everything. They dance, fight back, talk loudly, laugh at everything. Marième meets Vic and joins the gang, to make the most of her youth.

La Promesse de l’Aube (Promise at Dawn)

2017 | Drama | 2h 11min

From his difficult childhood in Poland and his adolescence beneath the sun of Nice, to his adventures as a pilot in Africa during the Second World War, Romain Gary lived an extraordinary life. But Gary owed his fury for a thousand different lives, to become a great man and a famous writer, to his mother, Nina. It was the crazy love of this endearing and eccentric mother that will make him one of the most important novelists of the twentieth century with a life full of twists and turns, passions, and mysteries. But this boundless maternal love will also be his burden throughout his life.

Victoria (In Bed with Victoria)

2016 | Comedy | 1hr 37min

Victoria Spick, a criminal defense attorney on the verge of an emotional breakdown, goes to a wedding where she runs into her old friend, Vincent, and Sam, a one-time dealer she had successfully represented. The next day, Vincent is accused by his girlfriend of attempted murder. The only witness is the victim’s dog. Victoria reluctantly agrees to defend him, and at the same time, hires Sam as her nanny. Her life is about to take a devastating turn.

Le Brio

2017 | Comedy | 1hr 35min

Neïla Salah grew up in Creteil and dreamed of becoming a lawyer. On her first day at the renowned Assas Law School in Paris, she runs up against Pierre Mazard, a professor known for his provocative behavior and misconduct. To redeem himself, he agrees to prep Neïla for a prestigious public speaking contest. Cynical and demanding, Pierre might become the mentor she needs… But to do that, both of them will have to rise above their prejudices.

Mes Provinciales (A Paris Education)

2018 | Drama | 2hr 16min

Etienne comes to Paris to study filmmaking at the Sorbonne. He meets Mathias and Jean-Noël who share his passion for film. But as they spend the year studying, they have to face challenges in friendship and love, as well as choosing their artistic battles.

Dans la brume (Just a Breath Away)

2018 | Science fiction | 1hr 29min

Mathieu will stop at nothing to get his 11 year old daughter Sarah out of the hermetic chamber she has been living in since she was born due to a childhood illness. Suddenly, an earthquake hits Paris. A deadly fog seeps out of the earth. Panic spreads across the city. Mathieu and Sarah’s mother, Anna, are among the few survivors who find refuge on the rooftops and upper floors of the tallest buildings. But they have to leave Sarah in her bubble to escape to the top floor. As the hours pass, they get increasingly worried about their daughter. Rescue squads are unable to manage the situation. All hope that the fog will clear begin to fade. Mathieu and Anna count the time left on the batteries that power Sarah’s bubble. How can they replace them before they run out and leave her unprotected from the spreading danger? Knowing they can count only on themselves, and pressed for time, they have to find a way to make it outside through the fog.


2017 | Drama | 1hr 37min

An actress will play Barbara, the French singer. The shoot will soon start. The actress works on her character, her voice, the songs, scores, the gestures, knitting, scenes she has to learn… Things are going okay, there’s progress, development, she is even overwhelmed. The film director also works, through his encounters, through archives, music, he lets himself be submerged, overwhelmed like the actress, by the actress.

Jusqu’à la Garde (Custody)

2018 | Drama | 1hr 33min

Miriam and Antoine Besson have divorced, and Miriam is seeking sole custody of their son, Julien, to protect him from a father she claims is violent. Antoine pleads his case as a scorned dad and the appointed judge rules in favor of joint custody. A hostage to the escalating conflict between his parents, Julien is pushed to the edge to prevent the worst from happening.

La Villa (The House by the Sea)

2017 | Drama | 1hr 47min

By a little bay near Marseille lies a picturesque villa owned by an old man. His three children have gathered by his side for his last days. It’s time for them to weigh up what they have inherited of their father’s ideals and the community spirit he created in this magical place. The arrival, at a nearby cove, of a group of boat people will throw these moments of reflection into turmoil.

Le Grand Méchant Renard (The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales)

2017 | Animation | 1hr 20min

Whoever thinks that the countryside is calm and peaceful is mistaken. In it, we find especially agitated animals, a Fox that thinks it’s a chicken, a Rabbit that acts like a stork, and a Duck who wants to replace Father Christmas. If you want to take a vacation, keep driving past this place…

Madame Hyde (Mrs. Hyde)

2018 | Drama | 1hr 37min

Mrs. Géquil is an eccentric teacher despised by her colleagues and students. On a stormy night, she is struck by lightning and faints. When she wakes up, she feels decidedly different… Now will Mrs. Géquil be able to keep the powerful and dangerous Mrs. Hyde contained?

Varda by Agnès

2018 | Documentary | 1hr 24min

An unpredictable documentary from a fascinating storyteller, Agnès Varda’s next film sheds light on her experience as a director, bringing a personal insight to what she calls “cine-writing”, traveling from Rue Daguerre in Paris to Los Angeles and Beijing.


Tickets for the 24th French are priced at P150 at the ticket booth or via www.sureseats.com.

24th French Film Festival Screening Schedule

Greenbelt Cinema 3, Makati

Jun 12 / WedJodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month / Above the Clouds12:30PM
Mababangong Bangungot (Perfumed Nightmares)3:00 PM
Madame Hyde (Ms. Hyde)5:30 PM
Jusqu’à la Garde (Custody)8:00 PM
Jun 13 / ThursMes Provinciales (A Paris Education)12:30 PM
Dans la brume (Just a Breath Away)3:00 PM
Barbara5:30 PM
Victoria (In Bed with Victoria)8:00 PM
Jun 14 / FriBande de Filles (Girlhood) / She for She: Women in Cinema forum12:30 PM
Varda by Agnès5:30 PM
La Promesse de l’Aube (Promise at Dawn)8:00 PM
Jun 15 / SatLa Villa (The House by the Sea)12:30 PM
Le Grand Méchant Renard (The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales)3:00 PM
Le Grand bain (Sink or Swim)5:30 PM
Le Brio8:00 PM
Jun 16 / SunLe Grand Méchant Renard (The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales)12:30 PM
De Toutes nos forces (The Finishers)3:00 PM
L’Incroyable histoire du facteur cheval (The Ideal Palace)5:30 PM
La Villa (The House by the Sea)8:00 PM
Jun 17 / MonLa Promesse de l’Aube (Promise at Dawn)12:30 PM
Madame Hyde (Mrs. Hyde)3:00 PM
Jusqu’à la Garde (Custody)5:30 PM
Dans la brume (Just a Breath Away)8:00 PM
Jun 18 / TuesVictoria (In Bed with Victoria)12:30 PM
Mes Provinciales (A Paris Education)3:00 PM
Le Brio5:30 PM
Bande de Filles (Girlhood)8:00 PM


Bonifacio High Street Cinemas, Taguig

Jun 12 / WedMes Provinciales (A Paris Education)12:30 PM
Le Grand Méchant Renard (The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales)3:00 PM
Madame Hyde (Mrs. Hyde)5:30 PM
Jusqu’à la Garde (Custody)8:00 PM
Jun 13 / ThursDans la brume (Just a Breath Away)12:30 PM
Le Brio3:00 PM
La Promesse de l’Aube (Promise at Dawn)5:30 PM
Victoria (In Bed with Victoria)8:00 PM
Jun 14 / FriBarbara12:30 PM
Mes Provinciales (A Paris Education)3:00 PM
Varda by Agnès5:30 PM
Le Brio8:00 PM
Jun 15 / SatLa Villa (The House by the Sea)12:30 PM
Le Grand Méchant Renard (The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales)3:00 PM
Le Grand bain (Sink or Swim)5:30 PM
Madame Hyde (Mrs. Hyde)8:00 PM
Jun 16 / SunLe Grand Méchant Renard (The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales)12:30 PM
La Villa (The House by the Sea)3:00 PM
De Toutes nos forces (The Finishers)5:30 PM
Dans la brume (Just a Breath Away)8:00 PM
Jun 17 / MonMadame Hyde (Mrs. Hyde)12:30 PM
Victoria (In Bed with Victoria)3:00 PM
Bande de Filles (Girlhood)5:30 PM
La Promesse de l’Aube (Promise at Dawn)8:00 PM
Jun 18 / TuesBande de Filles (Girlhood)12:30 PM
Jusqu’à la Garde (Custody)3:00 PM
La Villa (The House by the Sea)5:30 PM
Barbara8:00 PM

NOTE: Schedule subject to change. Updated June 11, 2019.

The film festival will also have screenings at Ayala Center Cebu (June 20-22), Abreeza Mall Davao (June 28-30), and Ayala Capitol Central Mall Bacolod (July 10-12).

Visit www.ph.ambafrance.org or the French Embassy Manila FB for more information. Share your 24th French Film Festival by posting with the hashtag #FrenchFilmFest24.:

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