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IN PHOTOS: FurryPinas 2019 Fun in the Sun

June 12, 2019

We went to biggest furry convention in Asia, FurryPinas, which highlighted talented furry pals and gathering of the furry fandom.

FurryPinas 2019 Art Market
There were indie booths, also known as the “art market”, where creative people exhibited and sold their wonderful crafts.

FurryPinas 2019 art market

FurryPinas 2019 art market
Time for some sticker (and pin) hauls!

There were a number of shows and activities for everyone to join with their furry pals and showcase their talent through performances.

FurryPinas 2019 art contest
One of which is the art contest, the time for members of the furry fandom to show their creative potential.
FurryPinas 2019 art contest
It was intense and entertaining to watch – especially on how they do every stroke in their illustrations.
FurryPinas 2019 Tabletop Lounge
Unleash your inner geek! Various board games were available for playing at the Tabletop Lounge, c/o The Game Detective.
FurryPinas 2019 tabletop lounge
Everyone seemed very serious getting their head in the game and, at the same time, enjoying their victories.
FurryPinas 2019 Creative Lounge
There was a Creative Lounge (sponsored by Faber Castell, Dong-A and Deli) to hang-out and relax a bit at by coloring some illustrations of Pikachu, Pidgeot, Sonic etc.
FurryPinas 2019 Creative Lounge
And we felt like kids again. I missed that kind of feeling when you get really excited to finish the color of the piece.
FurryPinas 2019 art pens
Art pens were offered at 10% discount!

That weekend was also filled with a series of talks and workshops featuring different artists where everyone who attended surely learned from.

What I enjoyed the most about this event was the art market. It fueled my creative tank when I saw the artworks of the great artists. How I wished I could buy as many as I could lol! There’s so many choices and I really wanted to make a haul that time. This kind of events is not my cup of tea but why not try it at least? After all those what we’ve experienced, it was great after all! And it’s really heart-warming to see children enjoying the event. Their smiles and laughter are everything.

Try also going to the FurryPinas event next time with your friends! 🙂

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