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[Film] Guide to the 8th Brazilian Film Festival: Visions of Life

October 20, 2019

Catch “Visions of Life” stories at your #CampusCinema this November.

The Embassy of Brazil in Manila, together with your UP Film Institute, is hosting the 8th edition of the Brazilian Film Festival on November 7-9, 2019.

8th Brazilian Film Festival line-up

House of Sand / Casa de Areia

2005 | Drama | 1hr 55min

After their patriarch (Ruy Guerra) dies in an accident, a pregnant woman (Fernanda Torres) and her mother (Fernanda Montenegro) must fend for themselves in a harsh desert in northern Brazil. Befriended by a local man (Luiz Melodia), they establish a modest home, and the younger one, Aurea, dreams of escape, but the older one, Dona Maria, learns to accept her fate.



2005 | Documentary | 2hr 2min

The life and work of Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes.


Not by Chance / Não por Acaso

2007 | Drama | 1hr 26min

Não Por Acaso is the story of two control-obsessed characters: Enio, a supervisor at a traffic control operation center and Pedro, a snooker player who seeks absolute mastery of his technique. Both find fulfillment in life by submerging themselves in a mathematical mindset that leads them towards the feeling of control they long for so much. But all this is thrown to the wind one day when both Enio’s ex-wife and Pedro’s wife die in a car accident.

Descending into the jagged world of his obsessive mind, Pedro despairs until he meets Lucia, a young woman with whom, in a parallel to his snooker techniques, he bizarrely tries to re-live the same exact moments he once lived with his wife.

Enio, on the other hand, is forced to confront his loss through the mysterious appearance of his unknown daughter, who forces a somewhat clumsy relationship with him by deciding to look after him. Eventually, however, the two men must decide between their own obsessions and the new opportunities life has given them.



2008 | 1hr 45min

During a remake of the play Tristan and Isolde, actors Peter and Ana fall in love. While the characters live an idealized love, the interpreters are living a true story, which they try to spice it up with the intensity of the fiction.


The Clown / O Palhaço

2011 | Drama, Adventure | 1h 30min

An unhappy clown (Selton Mello) dreams of leaving his father’s (Paulo José) circus and creating a more stable life with a permanent home and a family.



All screenings are FREE and open to the public. You may pre-register here.

2019 Brazilian Film Festival Screening Schedule

UP Film Center, Quezon City

Nov 7 / Thurs6:00 PMHouse of SandCine Adarna
Nov 8 / Fri5:00 PMViniciusVideotheque
7:00 PMNot by ChanceVideotheque
Nov 9 / Sat3:00 PMRomanceVideotheque
5:00 PMThe ClownVideotheque


More information can be found at the UP Film Center Facebook page, festival event page and the Embassy of Brazil in Manila Facebook page.

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