Musings on adulting & cashless payments

October 23, 2019

Smartphones enable us to do a lot of things despite the demands of daily life.

I may be a typical millennial consumer because I love simplification and speed. But when you’re just bone-tired, you’ll fully embrace everything that will uncomplicate your life – including cashless payments.Nobody likes long and time-consuming queues. What I usually do is buy for a month’s worth of essentials or use a mobile shopping app. There are times though that you can’t avoid another trip to the supermarket for food. Just recently I learned that Puregold already accepts cashless payments thru GCash Scan to Pay via Barcode.

The barcode feature was introduced by mobile wallet service GCash in July 2019 that simplifies the payment process with partner merchants. I don’t need to scan the QR key card and manually input the amount due on the app.

I simply need to generate a barcode using the GCash app and show to the cashier to make my payment. No more counting out cash, fiddling with coins, and waiting for change at the counter!

You may also do bill payments, cash-ins and cash-outs with this new feature! This saves me future trips to payment centers and banks, where the waiting time is another story no millennial is proud to tell.

Truly, adulting is hard, but with some digital support, it’s not impossible to hack. Download GCash today!

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