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My Dormitos Cubao Capsule Pod Experience

March 4, 2020

A different type of accommodation awaits budget travelers in Quezon City with Dormitos Cubao.

Overwhelmed is an understatement. So many things happened in the past few weeks. Giving up my privacy, sharing my whereabouts and being conscious of my time was, and is still a major adjustment. I’m so used to having my own space and living independently that I needed a breather.

An old habit kicks in: randomly browsing my feed until ideas pop up. I remember seeing unique accommodations on a TV show so I started searching for budget-friendly ones within the metro. And that’s how I came across capsule hotels.

Capsule hotels (カプセルホテル, also known as pod hotels) started in Japan that can be classified more as a hostel. It provides basic overnight accommodations, stereotypically to Japanese salarymen who missed the last train or are too drunk to travel. It is an economical choice for budget travelers and those who are working in the city.

I didn’t want to go too far so I chose one that’s located in a quiet neighborhood in Quezon City.

Dormitos is a seven-story building along Harvard Street, almost at the corner of busy Ermin Garcia Street. They opened sometime 2019 yet the occupancy rate is high due to long-term residents working in the BPO industry. It positions itself more as a private dormitory than a hostel, which I confirmed through their Facebook page.

The front desk is located on the third floor. A clean towel, basic toiletries, and a set of keys are provided upon check-in. You also get a designated shoe rack space for your outdoor shoes and locker for your bag/s.

Dormitos Cubao - Japanese Capsule Hotel - toiletries

The locker can fit roughly up to a 15.6″ laptop bag in height + 2 standard paper bags in width.

Change into your indoor footwear and let’s move on to their pods!

Dormitos Cubao - Japanese Capsule Hotel - Female Pods

Dormitos’ capsules are made in plastic with futuristic design, configured similar to bunk beds. They are stacked side-by-side, in two’s, with small ladder access on the side.

Each comes with a 2-inch mattress covered in white & blue bedding, a small pillow, and minimal in-room amenities.

An electronic control panel lets you adjust reading/ceiling light, change ambient light, air fan speed, and lock the sliding door. Two USB outlets are also available for your charging needs. Mine didn’t have a floor outlet so I plugged my laptop to the nearest wall outlet. A small safe is provided as well as a folding table.

Tap your access card to open the sliding door.
Overview of the pod interior
Pod amenities such as mirror, safe and control panel on the left and foldable table on the right.
Close up photo of pod control panel + safe.
Dormitos Cubao capsule hotel
Adjustable ambient light
Actual pod space.

The rest of the amenities such as restrooms, hot/cold shower, and pantry/lounge areas are communal. There are five toilets (with bidet) and five shower rooms available in the ladies section.

Food and drinks are not allowed inside the pod area. You may opt to buy and dine at 7-11 or take your food to the 3rd floor pantry/lounge area (open until 10pm). A microwave oven and water dispenser are available for everyone’s use.

WiFi speed was decent, slowing down a bit in the evening because of the number of users (+ they were streaming Miss Universe).

Trying to get some things done at the common area after dinner, sneaking glances at the livestream.

Dormitos Cubao review

Date of stay: December 7-8, 2019

A single capsule at Dormitos Cubao.

I am not claustrophobic so the pod size didn’t bother me. Moving around inside did as the pod’s material easily transmits sound.

The mattress may be thin (for some) but the soft covers made it comfortable. A plump pillow would have been nice hehe 🙂

The ambient light was a nice touch for taking photos but I still go back to good ol’ white light. My eyes were thankful for being able to adjust the brightness.

However, with the central air conditioning, sleeping was quite a challenge. I get warm easily and the fans inside the pod didn’t seem to be working. I decided to just open the door and put my towel up for some privacy. I discovered this around midnight so I’m not sure if it was only mine that had some issues.

Speaking of privacy… There were some instances where I’ve been given stares or would even look into my pod as they pass by.

The whole facility also has 24/7 surveillance cameras for added security.

If you’re coming from the airport via Araneta-NAIA P2P and/or heading to the bus terminal early in the morning, Dormitos can be your base for the night. It’s less than a kilometer away from all major bus terminals along EDSA Cubao, the LRT-2 and MRT-3. Note that they follow the standard check-in (2PM) and check out (11AM) hours.


A night’s stay in Dormitos costs P800 (<$16) while guests who intend to stay longer can avail of their P8,000 monthly rental fee. Best time to try it now before they start charging regular rates (P1,600/day and P16,000/month).

I came across the property on Agoda and booked my stay for P700.76 (less 5% discount + 100 GetGo points).

Getting there

Dormitos Philippines

115 Harvard St. Cubao, Quezon City

Dormitos is around 15 minutes away from the Araneta Center P2P Lounge/Bus Port/MRT Cubao.

  • Walkable? Yes.
  • Ride a Bertoda/Sertoda tricycle from the corner of Aurora Blvd. and Oxford (landmark: Andok’s) for P20.
  • Hail a cab or book a grab.

Ride a Cubao-bound vehicle if you’re coming from Marikina/Cogeo/Antipolo/Cainta:

  • EDSA/Aurora jeepney/Beep – alight at Oxford then ride a tricycle/walk
  • Ali Mall jeepney – alight at the corner of 15th Avenue and Ermin Garcia then walk towards Dormitos
  • EDSA/Gateway FX – alight near Dormitos

Dear reader, have you stayed at a capsule hotel before? Share your experience below at the comments section 🙂

Note: this post was initially drafted during my stay last December 2019.

  1. Honestly parang di ko kaya diyan. I am a bit claustrophobic. Hehe! The bluelighting seems to be relaxing! If I do a quick work in QC, I’ll try to consider this option parin. 🙂

    1. Maybe sleeping by the sliding door instead would help? If you don’t mind walking, EDSA / Genesis is just a few blocks away so it’s a strategic location 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to try capsule pods! I think I first saw this concept in Japan? It’s good to know that we also have this here. And btw, it looks so clean and fresh! Something to try out after the pandemic 🙂

    1. With my research, there’s actually quite a few scattered around the metro but I wanted to try one that’s accessible to my place in case I didn’t like it 🙂

  3. This reminds me of capsule hotels in Japan. I haven’t tried one yet here in the Philippines – but i’d love to experience it! Ang cool ng natry mo! 😉

  4. This japanese capules looks very futuristic talaga. Feeling ko pag ako nandiyan, konti nalang i-ooperate ko na yung control pod na para lilipad na somewhere eh HAHAHA I remember tuloy the anime darling in the franxx. Anyway, I’m pretty curious about this and I want to experience this kind of accommodation kahit isang beses lang but I’m worried sa claustrophobia self ko hahahaha

    1. Hahaha it does look like a travel pod! You can always lie down facing the door and keeping it a bit open para you can relax & enjoy more of the cool AC… although your feet might feel warm.

  5. I did not know may ganyan pala sa Quezon City. The amount is quite ok. This is good sa mga traveler sana talaga maging ok na lahat para makapag try na ulit tayo ng mga ganito.

  6. OMG it’s giving me the dragon balls vibe with the capsule idea. The big directory screen won’t get me lost haha. It looks so comfy and called on the inisde. Never knew about this before.

  7. I didn’t know that we had one like this in the philippines. The pods look so futuristic!! I’m planning to stay in one when I got to japan but maybe i can try it out right here. I would if I’ll like it or not?

  8. I’m actually very tempted to try it out and I’ve never been to one. Para kasing ang chill and peaceful sa loob ng pod. I also like the ‘futuristic’ design and based on the photos it isn’t too narrow (I’m slightly claustrophobic). I really hope we could all go and travel as I really want to try staying at Dormitos. Thank you for the virtual tour!

    1. It’s also my curiosity that led me there, as I always see it in travel vlogs. It’s not that narrow, like the bed size is in between single and double beds, and you can sit up comfortably. 🙂

  9. this is super slick! didnt know merong ganun dito!! sarap pala ma experience yan ano kahit trip lang.. papano pag me kid, pwede ba yung bata kasama ng adult? kami kasi lagi dalawa magkasama eh.

  10. This is in cubao. Just less than 10 minutes drive from where I live. I would try to pay a visit once going outside becomes really safe.

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