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6 Essentials to Prioritize When Moving In To Your Own Space

March 24, 2021

Moving out and renting for the first time or starting to invest in your living space? Here are some items you might consider adding to your Shopee cart to furnish your new abode.

I used to spend most of my time going to SM Supermalls to do grocery shopping or order food for take-out. I’d kill time for traffic to subside by looking around the Cyberzone area. Occasionally I’d drop by The SM Store to check out what’s on sale with Parisian shoes, SM Women Plus items, and plus-size swimwear. The convenience of having everything I need in one place saves me time from multiple trips to different places.

Nowadays, regardless of the community quarantine restrictions, it is within our best interest to minimize our outdoor trips to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Fortunately, businesses have long adopted using technology to serve existing and new customers. Now everyone can shop safely via various apps, websites, and social media, and have these items shipped directly to our homes. The SM Store, for one, stays true to its slogan by virtually catering to our needs via their Shopee Mall store.

This is especially helpful for someone who might be or currently in the process of moving to a new place.

Moving out, first-time or not, is stressful. You realize how much stuff you have when you start to pack, transfer, and unpack. You will have an internal struggle whether to let go of things or not because of sentimental value or thinking it will be useful in the future. That’s on top of the emotional anguish of telling your parents and financial worries.

Let’s take a step back and plan ahead what you need to prioritize. Things that you will definitely need as you settle down:

  • First things first: food. Living alone means no more home-cooked meals when you wake up or after an exhausting day at work. You can start with a rice cooker (preferably with a steamer) and an electric kettle for your coffee needs. Get an air fryer and personal fridge if you plan to stock ingredients and prepare your own meals.
  • You also need access to clean drinking water so best to invest in a water filter system. It’s easy to set up, does not require electricity, and an economical option.
  • Need time to adjust to your new environment? The best way to make your place cozy is by having a new bed, pillow, and beddings. Bring out those clean, aesthetic sheets and fluffy pillows (yes, you may have more than one) for a good night’s sleep.
  • It also helps to keep your indoor air quality in check. Have windows and away from the sun? A fan will be enough and you can go for standard ones, an industrial type, or even a rechargeable fan with light if you anticipate blackouts. Windowless room? Talk to your landlord before installing an air conditioning system or at least, an exhaust fan. Otherwise, look into portable air coolers.
  • Now that you’re comfortable, consider if you have space to set up a separate workstation or you just simply want to eat and work/study from your bed. A sturdy foldable table does the trick for that Netflix and chill mood or early morning meetings when you’re still in your jammies.
  • Lastly, secure your place and belongings especially if you live alone or need to step out for errands. Add in a security door chain or barrel bolt and an outside padlock if possible.

My top tip: you don’t have to buy everything at once. Decide on which items to prioritize and use what you already have. Watch out for sale events such as the upcoming Shopee 4.4 MEGA Shopping Sale for free shipping vouchers and special discounts to maximize your savings.

Visit The SM Store and other brand shops at the Shopee Mall today!

  1. Moving to a new place is exciting, but stressful at the same time. It was not actually the packing , moving and unpacking that stressed me out. It was the debate on what stuff to keep, and the stuff to purge.

  2. Finally, Here’s a very helpful post especially for first-time renters. I got a lot of ideas too. I used to move to apartments a lot and it was really not easy to adjust. Thanks for these tips.

  3. the things you mentioned above were all practical not just during the pandemic but over all incase of emergency or disaster. I think at this point, we don’t need much material things especially at home. What we needed are the essentials like food, water, etc in order to survive.

  4. You can also check some second-hand furniture and homewares from many FB groups and the marketplace! As a starter, it is unwise to buy things just to fill an empty space.

  5. We’re planning to move back to Makati soon because it’s a lot closer to work. Anyway, I’ll keep these in mind if we get to find an available unit that can fit our family.

  6. I agree. It’s indeed stressful to start living on your own, especially now that we’re on another lockdown. You need to have all the essentials you mentioned and more (medicines, toiletries, etc.). Good thing, most, if not all of them, can now be ordered online. And yes, SM Store has got it all for us!

  7. Moving to a new house or place is exciting but it’s really stressful and tiring. We have to consider before moving aside from the essentials it’s really important to check the place if it’s near to hospitals, mart, bank, and school.

  8. I so wanna move into my own place already. I just dont have the money yet to live independently. I will for sure enjoy the furniture and appliance shopping tho. That’s always fun lol

  9. Planning to move out soon and start a family. This tips are helpful and will bear this is mind. SM store is a one stop shop for our move out neccessities. Actually made a list of things to buy there.

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