Postal Heritage Tour Part 3: Philpost and Philately

April 19, 2012

Now we go to Manila Central Post Office Building, the head office of Philpost.

Manila Central Post Office Building
Manila Central Post Office Building

It was built in 1926 and has a neoclassical architecture. Inside the compound it houses the Postal Museum and Library (which unfortunately we didn’t get to explore). This is also where the Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club regularly holds their meetings, lectures and auctions every third Sunday of the month from 1pm to 5pm.

This will be a lengthy post so bear with me. Alright? Cool. Read on 😉

Let’s get started with the virtual tour! Note that aside from the history of the buildings/places and about philately, Sir Rence is also knowledgeable in a couple of other things such as plants. The flagpole in front of the building is the tallest in Manila.

Sir Rence discussing about history 🙂

Upon entering the compound, on your right, you will see a small gas station. Yes, the Philpost has their own gas station to fuel their vehicles, powered by Petron.

Tour participants 🙂

I wonder if this is older than me? XD

Several interesting areas can be found on this side of the compound like the library, the clinic, the canteen, the machinery that segregates mail behind the main building as well as the vehicles.

Back of the building 🙂

Off we go to inside the building. I didn’t get a picture but the flooring on the ground floor was elevated, making the restroom’s door small.

Upstairs, we see the Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club conducting their auction. Aside from stamps, they’re auctioning envelopes, NBA cards (collectible ones), a vintage lamp, comics, etc. Auction led by Mr. Alfonso Cruz. The man sitting beside me, who was an Indian, was holding a list of items for auction as well as a number card for identification while bidding.

We were given some memorabilia! 😀

A lecture about Philately with the use of the exhibits were conducted.

Free lecture 🙂

[box type=”info”]Philately is the study and collection of stamps and other postal matters as a hobby or an investment. The ideal temperature to preserve the stamps are within 23 to 25 degrees Centigrade.[/box]

Here are samples of things you would see in the exhibit:

After the lecture, there was a raffle then everyone ate a cinnamon roll ♥


Already rested, hydrated and energized, we’re now ready to go ghost hunting in the Metropolitan Theater!

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  1. I rarely use the postal system to mail stuff anymore because I think 42 cents is outrageous to mail a bill! I do all of my bills online now, and the only time I really use the mail is to mail a birthday card.

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