Postal Heritage Tour Part 4: Metropolitan Theater

April 19, 2012

Fond of ghost hunting? Well, not me. Swear to God I’m a big scared-y cat until now. I think this is the effect of people around me watching to much horror movies, especially when I was young and Shake Rattle & Roll will be broadcast on local channels..

Anyway, I’m already sweaty and tired but go lang ng go! Our next destination is the Metropolitan Theater, which is across the Liwasang Bonifacio.

Manila Metropolitan Theater (or better known as MET) is an art deco building designed by Juan Arellano, one of the great Filipino architects in our history, is tagged as the “grand dame” of Manila’s theaters. It has gone through renovation but it hasn’t been restored to it former glory.

This is how MET used to look like:

1945, after the war. Photo from Sir Lawrence’s blog.

Sir Lawrence told us that the theater became an ice cream parlor, boxing arena, a gay club and a squatter’s colony of around 50 families before it was rebuilt. Ms. Vilma Santos used to host a popular variety show there in the 1980 to early 1990s and several top Filipino celebritiesΒ debutedΒ their respective careers in the same stage.

One of the four Siamese dancer sculptures. This one is specifically in the front.

Off we go inside~ Flashlights on everyone!

Where we entered. Hallway on the first floor. Costumes poorly stored :/ [my camera’s lens seem dirty The First Manila Contemporary Dance Festival, 1991

We went to the stage area of the Conchita Sunico Hall but I don’t have photos of that area. It was too dark that my point and shoot camera can’t handle, even with flash. πŸ™

Main Entrance Hall

Here’s what everyone has been waiting for: going to the top of the MET. I was about to stay on the third floor, because I saw how steep the stairs is and I was too tired to move. But thinking that I will be there alone and it was close to getting dark, I went upstairs, even if I had to do it slowly and get dirty in the process :))

LRT 1 Train approaching Central Station.

We stayed there for 10-15 minutes. I got some pictures of me taken by my new friend Ate Bebang but I’d rather not post them πŸ˜›

Has the tour already ended? There’s more! πŸ™‚

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  1. been to the area..but not really on the inside of the theater.. least, they preserved it.

  2. Wow! I’ve been passing by the Metropolitan Theater many times already. BUt I’ve only seen the interiors just from your photos. And yes, ghost hunting! Would love to hate that! Hahaha.. I’m also a scaredy-cat but I still watch scary shows any way. :p

  3. I also joined the postal heritage tour back in May I think it was and I waited for ghosts to come out that afternoon. Nothing showed up. But seriously I hope the local government will look into this. Sayang kasi ang ganda pa naman but I heard nga about horror stories here.

    1. Eh, really? Did I? Thank you for that πŸ™‚

      How ironic in a sense that I don’t like studying history back in school. Spell B-O-R-I-N-G πŸ˜›
      I guess that’s because I’m more of a visual person who loves to explore.

  4. I had a tour here also i think that was 2 years ago but it is more on the art deco tour.. when the time the metropolitan theatre was built it was grand at that time.. the details on its architecture was great and you could not even see it now being use.. do not look at it as if it is a ruin but imagine it like you are in it at the time of its peak.. just too bad our government did not even really bothered to renovate it or refurbish it

    1. Sir Rence discussed in detail the various artworks and art deco of the theater and it was nice to imagine it in its former glory. I believe it was a beautiful place.

      Only the chairs are replaced as of now. πŸ™‚

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