Way Back into Photography and Photoshop

August 12, 2012

Now that the flood’s gone and life’s back to normal (at least here in our area), I’ve been busy cleaning these past few days. A freelance project on-going, a questionnaire I have to fill out and a couple of blog posts to be written, I have to finish all that while nursing myself back into health :’c

Anyway, I took a time off yesterday and decided to work on my Photoshop skills that has been not in use for months now. Here’s the end product:

This is the copy from Facebook. I’m having a hard time upload the original one (big file o_o). Click the picture to see it on Flickr. 🙂

I took this picture after our friend’s wedding last month in Anabel’s Tomas Morato, using my friend’s (the one on standing on the right) Nikon Coolpix P7000. Post-processing and layout done in Photoshop CS 5.5. The picture on the lower right taken by the owner of the camera during their trip in USS.

This was requested by a friend. I did my best and learned a few tricks on the way.

What do you think? I look forward to your comments! Back to coding/writing for now 🙂

  1. Very authentic. It’s well done. I’m not good in Photoshop. What I always used is Paint Shop application. It is very easy to manipulate.

    1. Paint Shop? I never heard of it before. I tried GIMP, if you are familiar, but I can’t use it well (they say it’s like Photoshop though)

  2. Wow! Learning photography and Photoshop is definitely something to be developed and shared. I wish, I had your skills too. So, the least I can do is to buy a DSLR maybe Canon 600D so it doesn’t make me any edits anymore haha. Wish me luck!
    By the way, I hope you’re getting fine now.

    1. Hehe, whatever camera you’re gonna use, there’s bound to be adjustments made. Here it was the blurring of the background and color enhancement. I can’t afford to buy a 550D for now so I stick with what I have and what my friends have 😉

      Btw, thank you. I do feel better. A little tired but no fever anymore 🙂

    1. Woah, thank you! My friend [the only girl in the pic]’s sister told me she feels like opening this magazine cover and read it contents 🙂

  3. I use photoshop to enhance most of my photos but not relying so much on it on the entire output. I always take into account that from the output of the camera, I have taken/shot already my preferred output and do minimal post processing.

    From your magazine cover, I prefer your main title be different from your sub-titles (e.g. font, more striking design, etc). But that is already a good start, continue on learning from the web, tutorials and you’ll be better someday… 😀

    1. Hi Sir Myk! Thanks for the inputs, I’ll keep those in mind po 🙂

      Here’s the original shot if you’d like to see:
      I just did a little color adjustment and blurred it a bit then added the text and pics.

      I’ll post another one when me and my friends go on another impromptu photoshoot, hopefully I can get your inputs again 🙂

  4. Wow, I have always wondered if it would take me a long time to learn photoshop but it looks like you are a fast learner. Good job. =)

    1. Practice makes perfect! I actually learned this in junior/senior high school but I really don’t do good in photo restoration (that was our final project). Simple editing can be learned in a week or two 🙂

    1. Thank you Ms. Gemma! Hehe, the patience part comes in po when you have to do it for long periods of time and your eyes get tired already, triggering a headache 🙂

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