Two new developer-centric programs from Nokia

December 7, 2012
Dems Angeles Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia introduces two programs aimed at developers to help build new applications for the Nokia platform. These two programs are named Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) and a new Nokia Premium Developer Program (NPDP).

When consumers look at an app store, they usually head to the free apps first. However, the cost of time and money to develop an application can become an expensive endeavour for a developer. A way to recoup the cost is to generate revenue from in-app advertising.  NAX is a new and free way for developers to quickly and easily monetize their apps, through Nokia’s partnership with inneractive.

NAX provides access to the top ad networks in the world via a single SDK. This means that app users will more likely see content they’re interested in, and click the ad. Whatever ad campaign you want to run, NAX will provide access to a campaign management tool where developers can use ad revenues to fund their own campaigns.

The NAX was officially launched during the recent Microsoft BUILD 2012 conference in Redmond, Washington. The program can also be used in other Nokia supported platforms such as Microsoft Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40 and Symbian. This also includes non-Nokia platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackberryOS to help developers build their business.

Nokia Premium Developer program

For help with creating high-performance apps for Nokia Lumia smartphone, there is the Nokia Premium Developer Program.  Signing up costs US$99 for an annual membership and this membership gives tools and services valued at up to US$1,500.

All the membership inclusions are designed to help developers create, maintain and deliver premium-quality apps to the ecosystem:  one year membership in Microsoft Windows Phone Dev Center, one license to TelerikRadControls for Windows Phone, and so on.

Interested parties may visit and to sign up.

With the Nokia Premium Developer Program, you can make
high-performance apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones, such
as the Lumia 510 and Lumia 800 (top picture).
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