Pain free, beautiful smiles with Myobrace

Pain free, beautiful smiles with Myobrace

No need for stats, we know that a lot of kids suffer from various dental problems. Crooked teeth, for example, is thought to be hereditary condition. While partially true, majority of cases are caused by incorrect myofunctional habits.

Let me share with you what me and some mommy bloggers were able to learn more about crooked teeth and the alternative to braces during our visit at Green Apple Dental MRC Clinic.

I have friends and family members who had braces to align their teeth. They would joke about being on a diet because certain foods (part of which is a favorite of theirs) is a no-no. While it was able to correct the condition, I can’t imagine the pain they had to go through 🙁

What caused them to wear braces in the first place? According to Dr. Gamaliel Urbi, as children they might have been using pacifiers, prone to thumb sucking, reverse swallowing, tongue thrusting, bad oral habits, bad diet and (surprisingly) mouth breathing. In his clinic at Trinoma in Quezon City, children up to 15 years old have a pain free solution to correct not only their crooked teeth but also their habits and health.

Myofunction Orthodontics

Photo credit: Green Apple Dental MRC Clinic website

Myobraces, developed in Australia and practiced all over the world, was pioneered by Dr. Urbi in the Philippines and Asia. He is a well-known speaker and advocate of the treatment.

With the use of a soft silicon material that is worn at night during one’s sleep, it promotes:

  • dental alignment
  • correct nasal breathing and bring lips together at rest
  • correct tongue position
  • improved jaw development
  • straightening the teeth
  • overall better looking face

Children between five to ten (5-10) years old are perfect candidates as their jaws are still developing and yet to have their permanent set of teeth. Habits are also easier to correct in kids. Dr. Urbi recommends to get started with the treatment as early as possible to correct the aforementioned underlying causes.

Different myobraces for infants and kids. Photo credits to Ate Vance 🙂

Green Apple Dental MRC Clinic facilities are guaranteed safe and child-friendly. The clinic is well-equipped to do initial labs such as x-ray, study molds and photographs. While Dr. Urbi is based in Davao, his staff is trained to do every step of the process like he does. That includes teaching kids the Buteyko method to stop mouth breathing. The method also treats asthma, so that’s an added bonus!

Treatment plan is two (2) years and costs around P40,000 – P45,000, which is pretty much the same with braces. Aside from being pain free, using myobraces is less traumatic, easy to implement and less costly in the long run (payable in two years!). Clients only have to visit the clinic once a month for the treatment and therapy (correcting myofunctional habits).


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