Specific Fields in the PH Tech Industry You Can Start a Business In

May 17, 2014

Since the arrival of computers and the internet, even more so when the Philippines joined the globalization efforts of world powers and international organizations, the country’s tech industry has constantly been on the rise. In fact, more and more local professionals and entrepreneurs are jumping in the bandwagon today, hoping to find their luck there. But which particular fields in technology should you really be focusing on? Here are some you might like to check out:

Information Technology

One of the most conspicuous trends in the country today is that the population of IT graduates is steadily rising. According to data supplied by the National Statistical Coordination Board, enrollment in Information Technology courses have gone from over 240 thousand students in 2005 to almost 410 thousand in 2013. This means that if you decide to put up a business in this field, you will have a huge pool of ready human resources to choose from. Aside from that, many private institutions for higher education are constantly vying to make their graduates more employable by updating courses according to the latest technological trends.

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Start-up Tip: Recruit IT professionals through online classified ads. You can also find many of them in LinkedIn with profiles you can readily check. If you can’t afford to rent a big office for your company yet, you can find plenty of other commercial space for rent in Cebu, Manila, or other major cities in the country.

Digital Marketing

Local businesses have lately realized the importance of the world wide web for brand exposure and other marketing strategies. Not only that, since telecommuting and freelancing has become popular lately, it has become quite easy for local companies to tap into the international scene and attract foreign clients as well. Due to these developments, there’s an increasing demand for online marketing and SEO work, both in local and international fronts.

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Start-up Tip: If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a big enough team to be able to offer all possible services in the said niche, you can just start with a couple or so of services. Content marketing and social media, perhaps? Also, like with IT professionals, you can hire freelance copywriters and SEO professionals from online classified ads. And since most of the work will be online, you can start your business with your team just telecommuting, and perhaps a team meeting once or twice a week for supervisory and management purposes.


Online shops are all the rage these days. You can find them all over cyberspace and even within the confines of social networking sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. Among the advantages of this type of business is that you don’t need a real shop or a large inventory of products to be able to start. Also, you can perform all of your business processes online.

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Start-up Tip: Set up your shop on a dedicated domain, or if you prefer, in one of your social media accounts. A lot of people have certainly set up their shops in Facebook, and you can create a dedicated page to it via your personal account. Lastly, optimize your shop’s exposure by being active online, especially in social media.

It can’t be denied that computer technology in the Philippines may be a bit behind compared to other countries, especially world powers. However, Filipinos are a mighty resourceful and hard working people. And with the help of more accessible technology resources online, Filipino entrepreneurs will most probably catch up with their Western counterparts soon enough.


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