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September 19, 2016

I spent my free time at home playing games with my uncle’s PlayStation 1 as a teenager.

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We are a big Resident Evil series fan! I still play even if I get scared easily. I don’t play during night time or with the lights turned off though. Anyway, we started with RE 3 Nemesis if my memory serves me right. When we finished that one, my uncle would either play a harder level or acquire another edition.

Other game titles that I enjoyed include Digimon Rumble Arena, Crash Bandicoot, Jeopardy, South Park Rally, or Tekken. We also had a Final Fantasy CD but I had difficulty understanding the game play at the time.

He bought it from a retail store at the mall. Aside from the unit and its accessories, the package came with a dozen or so of video game CDs. Because of exclusive content from the game publishers or special bundles, gamers now prefer to buy online.

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