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[Film] Cine Europa 20: Where Classics and Contemporary Meet

September 14, 2017
Cine Europa 20 Philippines

A lineup of twenty-four critically acclaimed films will be screened for Cine Europa 20!

First Secretary Jerome Riviere of the EU Delegation of the Philippines said that this year’s entries have the charm, mysticism and elegance of the European past and the dynamism and vigour of contemporary films. The selection came from sixteen (16) EU nations including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

The festival also has an educational component wherein it pays tribute to Filipino filmmakers we works have been acknowledged in Europe through special screenings and forums.

Cine Europa takes a road trip after its edition in Shangri-La Plaza (September 16 to 26). Watch out for the festival in the cities of Baguio, Cebu, Iloilo, Tacloban, Baybay, Puerto Princesa and back to Manila. For the first time, Cine Europa is traveling to Ateneo de Naga University.

Cine Europa 20 movie line up

Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert / Your Beauty is Worth Nothing

2012 | Austria | Drama | For all ages | 86 min

The film follows 12-year-old Veysel as he flees with his family from Turkey to Vienna and struggles to fit in. To cope with the feat of deportation and the tension in his family, Veysel turns his attention to his studies, as well as towards Ana, a classmate he’s in love with

Les Barons / The Barons

2009 | Belgium | Comedy | 111 min

Don’t miss the story of Hassan, a baron who wants to do more than just lounge about. However, his dreams hit walls, from his inability to approach his friend’s sister whom he loves, to pursuing a career of making people laugh.

Maimuna / Monkey

2016 | Bulgaria | Drama | For all ages | 93 min

On the borderline between childhood and adulthood, when life is a string of easy decisions, the world of half-sisters Iva and Maya is about to change drastically. They would have to find answers to questions grown-ups don’t even dare to ask. Can the two teenagers make decisions of life and death?

Anděl Páně 2 / An Angel of the Lord

2016 | Czech Republic | Fairytale, Comedy, Family, Fantasy | For all ages | 99 min

Lovers of fantasy are in for a treat with this comedy that follows Angel Petronel’s quest to retrieve fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that has fallen down to earth. His adventure leads him to discover the power of friendship, love and forgiveness.

Babettes gæstebud / Babette’s Feast

1987 | Denmark | Comedy, Drama, Music | For all ages | 86 min

This 1988 Best Foreign Film Academy Award winner is based on the tale by Isak Dinesen. It follows the story of Babette, a Parisian fugitive following the 1871 Commune of Paris uprising as she changes the lives of the villagers who take her in.

Sult / Hunger

1966 | Denmark | Drama | Rated R-16 | 111 min

This second Danish film offering features a young, penniless poet as he scrambles to survive in Oslo in 1890. Based on the novel by Knut Hamsun, the story follows Pontus as his hunger takes over and the line between fantasy and reality becomes increasingly blurry.

Sult film

Jules et Jim / Jules and Jim

1961 | France | Drama, Romance | 105 min

Jim moves in with his friend Jules and his family, but things get messy when Jules asks Jim to start seeing his carefree wife Catherine in the hopes that she will stay at home with him and their daughter.

Cine Europa 20 Jules and Jim


2016 | France | Drama, Music, Romance | Rated R | 90 min

Academy Award-nominated actress Isabelle Huppert stars in this film as a forgotten European singer who fades into obscurity as she works in a pâté factory. However, the arrival of a young aspiring boxer causes her to start dreaming again and planning her comeback.

Lola rennt / Run Lola Run

1998 | Germany | Crime, Drama, Thriller | Rated R | 80 min

This German thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as a two-bit Berlin criminal makes a mistake when he delivers smuggled loot for his boss and must come up with 100,000 Deutschmarks in 20 minutes. He enlists the help of his girlfriend Lola, the daughter of a bank manager, to help him get the money. Afraid that she will lose her lover, Lola runs through the streets of the city in a race against time.

Terror – Ihr Urteil / The Verdict

2016 | Germany | Drama | Rated R | 95 min

Terrorists have hijacked a plane with 164 passengers and are steering it towards a football arena where there are 70,000 people. Major Lars Koch must make a difficult call as he faces the difficult question of whether the lives of a few are worth sacrificing to save many.

Utóélet / Afterlife

2014 | Hungary | Comedy, Drama, Family | Rated PG | 93 min

A heavily neurotic young man starts to see his father’s ghost, and while he helps the spirit cross to the otherworld, something happens that they could never achieve in their common life: they finally understand each other.

I Soliti Ignoti / Big Deal on Madonna Street

1958 | Italy | Comedy, Crime | Rated PG | 111 min

This 50s Italian masterpiece is about a group of small-time thieves who attempt to burgle a state-run pawnshop in Rome. Known for its incredible cast and breezy jazz score, this film is considered one of the best of its era.

20 Sigarette / 20 Cigarettes

2010 | Italy | Drama | Rated R | 94 min

This Italian drama follows a young filmmaker who gets caught in a terrorist attack while shooting on location in Iraq. He is seriously wounded and brought back to Italy, where the press has been fed a different narrative from the actual events. Years later, he decides to set the story straight through a novel.

De Hel van ’63 / The Hell of ’63

2009 | The Netherlands | Drama, Sport | For all ages | 105 min

This film is based on the true facts on the fateful day in 1963 hen, due to plunging temperatures and rough terrain, thousands of skaters suffered frostbite and shocking injuries. Only a small number would cross the finish line, but for those who did, it was to be a life-changing event!

Veiviseren / Pathfinder

1997 | Norway | Action, Drama | For all ages | 88 min

Inspired by a legend from the 12th century, this Norwegian film tells the story of a young boy who sees his family slaughtered by a feared tribe of Tsujudes, taken prisoner by the party, and must act as their pathfinder. The first feature production ever to be shot in the Sami language, the film follows the boy as he attempts to escape his captors.

Bølgen / The Wave

2015 | Norway | Action, Drama, Thriller | Rated R | 105 min

This film takes place shortly before the real-life disaster of a tsunami caused by a collapse of a mountain 80 years ago. It focuses on an experienced geologist and his family as they scramble to stay alive – and stay together.

Aniversarea / The Anniversary

2017 | Romania | Drama | For all ages | 100 min

At Radu Maligan’s 94th anniversary, the family members and the former colleagues of the old man come to his birthday party. Everything gets complicated when half of the guests try to convince Radu to confess his sins to a priest, while the others argue that no one should be forced to do something beyond their will.

Doua lozuri / Two Lottery Tickets

2016 | Romania | Comedy | For all ages | 86 min

Tables keep turning on Dinel as he catches a break from his unhappy life by winning the lottery. Unfortunately, the bag with his ticket ends up stolen by two gangsters. With the help of his best buddies, he sets off on a madcap journey to chase them down.

Perinbaba / The Feather Fairy

1985 | Slovakia | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | For all ages | 90 min

Perinbaba is a charming Slovakian adaptation of a short story by the Brothers Grimm. The Feather Fairy lives in the sky and gives snow to the people. She lives with a boy called Jakob, who one day ventures into the human world and falls for a peasant girl.

Wilsonov / Wilson City

1966 | Slovakia | Adventure, Comedy, Crime | Rated R | 115 min

Drawing inspiration from paperback crime novels, Wilsonov follows an unlikely pair of detectives as they search for a mysterious murderer in a German town that would eventually be known as Bratislava. Based on the territorial disputes that followed the end of WWI, this Slovakian film will capture the attention of history buffs and adventure seekers alike.


2015 | Spain | Drama | Rated R | 108 min

Julian receives an unexpected visit from his good friend Tomas, who lives in Canada. The two men, accompanied by Julian’s faithful dog, Truman, will share emotional and surprising moments prompted by Julian’s complicated situation. This Spanish-Argentine film kicked off last year’s PELíCULA-PELIKULA.

El ángel exterminador / The Exterminating Angel

1962 | Spain | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | Rated R | 111 min

This work of satire is cited as one of the best 1000 films by The New York Times. Guests at a dinner party discover they’re unable to leave the room. Over the days that follow, they each slowly shed their perfect facades and pretenses of power to reveal the uglier side of human nature.

Flickan Mamman och Demonerna / The Girl, The Mother and the Demons

1966 | Sweden | Thriller | Rated R | 92 min

This is the harrowing tale of Ti, whose mother claims that demons have taken over the apartment where they live. However, Ti can neither her nor see the spirits her mothers fears so intensely. She’s forced Ti to hide with her in the garbage. Will Ti able to help her mother fight her demons, along with her own?

A Moving Image

2016 | United Kingdom | Drama | For all ages | 74 min

A multimedia feature film about gentrification in Brixton, London, incorporating fiction, documentary, performance art, photography and animation. Nina is a young stifled artist who returns to her community after a long absence – she is soon painted as a symbol of gentrification. As she struggles with her own complicity, she embarks on a mission to create a piece of art that can bring her community together.


Free admission on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Screening Schedule

Shang Cineplex Cinema 2

Sept 17 / SunCzech Republic – An Angel of the Lord1:30PM
Denmark – Babette’s Feast4:00PM
Romania – Two Lottery Tickets6:00PM
Hungary – Afterlife7:30PM
Sept 18 / MonAustria – Your Beauty is Worth Nothing1:30PM
Italy – Big Deal on Madonna Street3:30PM
Sweden – The Girl, The Mother and the Demons6:00PM
Germany – The Verdict8:00PM
Sept 19 / TuesBulgaria – Monkey1:30PM
The Netherlands – The Hell of ’633:30PM
Italy – 20 Cigarettes6:00PM
Norway – The Wave8:00PM
Sept 20 / WedUnited Kingdom – A Moving Image1:30PM
Germany – Run Lola Run3:30PM
Spain – The Exterminating Angel5:30PM
Slovakia – Wilson City8:00PM
Sept 21 / ThursThe Netherlands – The Hell of ’631:30PM
Sweden – The Girl, The Mother and the Demons4:00PM
France – Souvenir6:00PM
Denmark – Hunger8:00PM
Sept 22 / FriBulgaria – Monkey1:30PM
Romania – The Anniversary3:30PM
Romania – Two Lottery Tickets6:00PM
Spain – Truman8:00PM
Sept 23 / SatAustria – Your Beauty is Worth Nothing1:30PM
Slovakia – The Feather Fairy3:30PM
Germany – The Verdict5:30PM
Belgium – The Barons8:00PM
Sept 24 / SunNorway – Pathfinder1:30PM
United Kingdom – A Moving Image3:30PM
Czech Republic – An Angel of the Lord5:30PM
France – Jules and Jim8:00PM
Sept 25 / MonDenmark – Babette’s Feast1:30PM
Italy – 20 Cigarettes3:30PM
France – Jules and Jim5:30PM
Spain – The Exterminating Angel8:00PM
Sept 26 / TuesSlovakia – The Feather Fairy1:30PM
Norway – Pathfinder3:30PM
Romania – The Anniversary5:30PM
Hungary – Afterlife8:00PM

Shang Cineplex Premiere Theater


September 17, Sunday

1:00 PM – Screening of TV-Movie “AMO” and ”Kadaungan”.

3:30 PM – Open discussion with award winning director Brilliante Mendoza, TV 5 Executive Vicente “Chot” Reyes on “AMO”, and film critic and actor Dexter Macaraeg.


September 23, Saturday

1:00 PM – Screening of “2Cool To Be Forgotten”, winner of the audience choice award for the Torino Film Festival.

2:30 PM – Open forum with director Petersen Vargas and film critic, writer and educator Gay Ace Domingo.

3:30 PM – Screening of the documentary Journeyman Finds A Home (The Life Story of Simone Rota). Featuring the life story of the Fil-Italian football player now playing for the PH National Mens Football Team, Simone Rota who was abandoned as a child and was raised in Italy. This is followed by an open forum with film makers Doy Del Mundo, Albert Almendralejo, Maricel Cariaga and Simone Rota.


September 24, Sunday

1:00 PM – 6:30 PM – Film Screening of Lav Diaz epic “ Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon” (338 min) Grand Prize winner (Golden Leopard} in the Locarno Film Festival in 2014, the first Filipino film to be in the main competition of the said festival and first to win the Golden Leopard. It also won the FIPRESCI award, Junior Jury Award and the Don Quixote Award. It also won the Best Foreign Language Film in Sao Paolo Film Festival and has done the rounds of festival from Locarno, Nurenberg, Vienna, FICUNAM and Asia.

Hazel Orencio, winner of the Boccalino D’Oro Independent Critics Award for Best Actress for the said film, will introduce the film and will be joined by director Lav Diaz and film critic and educator, Richard Bolisay.

Visit the European Union Delegation to the Phililppines’ website and Facebook for updates.

  1. I first thought those Indie Films will only be shown in a foreign country but it relieves me that they’re showing it here for FREE in the Philippines!

    Thank you for this information. I’ll try to catch up watching them on the coming weekend.

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