My Personal Lazada Christmas Wishlist (and Discount Code)!

My Personal Lazada Christmas Wishlist (and Discount Code)!

β™ͺ Pasko, pasko, pasko na naman muli~ β™ͺ

Here I am, on my Christmas break after a whirlwind second trimester in college with thoughts of getting started on programming our thesis (yes, thoughts palang. I’m not a workaholic.. but I can be if I want to :P) Pero grabe! Last year’s Christmas felt like it was just yesterday! I know, time does fly fast!

With that fact, along with my better perspective of Christmas, I didn’t write down a wish list like I would always do. Rather, I spent my time serving other people on the only Christmas party I have attended this year (which was last Sunday btw).

Buuut.. for the heck of it, here’s a quick one:


Connect with the world

Shaylee the HTC Radar’s deteriorating (unfixed microphone, no flash, screen brightness needs to be set as medium instead of automatic) and cannot be upgraded anymore (up to Windows Phone Mango 7.8 only). I’m just hanging on to it until I can replace it (which means when I get a job or when somebody takes pity unto Shaylee lol). I’m eyeing an iPhone 5, which will be an investment for me. I’m connected 24/7, so I can send iMessages to my contacts without worrying about my prepaid load.

Capture the moments

I need a new camera but I don’t have a specific one in mind. I say ‘need’ because pretty much the first half of my 2014 will be busy and full of memories:

  • my last trimester in school = thesis!!! *fingers crossed*
  • if I pass.. graduation on May!
  • my birthday on March!
  • summer vacay slash graduation celebration
  • and everything in between πŸ˜›

Real need

Ugly truth: I badlyyyy need a laptop! After my school bag and laptop were stolen from our house last October 1, I have been borrowing from friends, if there’s someone willing. Not only I get setback from school work, but it also affected my part time work and blogging! My brother, who is also a senior college student, was affected as well. *sigh* It’s way easier to have your own, seriously. πŸ™


There are other stuff that I like (a plane ticket and pocket money to Singapore / Hong Kong –Β  Macau / Japan / South Korea!), but I’ll get by. If any of my family, godparents and friends are reading this, you can buy these and more overΒ  Lazada Philippines! There’s free shipping and pay on delivery option *wink wink* πŸ™‚

Hey awesome reader, here’s a Christmas treat: use the discount code LZDbrDgr before you check out at Lazada and get a P300 discount on top of a minimum purchase of P3000. Leave me a message if you do! πŸ™‚


On a serious note though, whatever I get or not get this year, I have more than enough to be thankful for. Hugs are very much welcome!


The most wonderful time of the year is the season for giving and serving! β™₯

Merry Christmas to you and your family!



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