I’m a Team Treehouse Scholar!

Technically I’m an out-of-school youth, less than a dozen courses away from my degree. Good thing with today’s technology wherever you are , whatever you do, as long as you have access to the internet, learning opportunities are endless. And that’s what I thank Team Treehouse for.

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2013 Page 1: Fresh Start

The morning of New Year’s Eve, we went over to mom’s house and I jokingly suggested we watch a movie. I remember when we were younger, my mom and my step-dad would bring us to the mall during Christmas and New Year. We would watch one MMFF entry, play at World’s of Fun and eat at the food court or fast-food.

My brother was thinking it was a joke when she agreed. But mom already scheduled it. He only believed it when she said she already bought the tickets, 30 minutes before our agreed meeting time. 🙂

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The Year It Has Been, 2012 Edition

After an early morning start, spending a few hours in my mom’s apartment and strolling in the mall, I’m back home early to avoid accidents. I admit I love fireworks but I don’t want to be near them and I don’t like the loud noise. Anyway, I started typing this at 1830, making it 4.5 hours away before we welcome 2013. Until then, let me take this time to look back at 2012.

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Osoji, A Clean Slate

One of the quirky traditions before New Year comes is cleaning. My grandma never fails to remind us to start disposing things we don’t use anymore and to sort out which of our clothes will be taken of the cabinet.

To enjoy the upcoming festivities, I started early.

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August 2012

It’s raining cats and dogs here. While I’m typing this, rain has been pouring nonstop and many areas are already submerged in flood, families are being rescued and relocated to evacuation centers, and classes for tomorrow are being suspended one by one.

Aside from the leak on our bedroom from the ceiling, so far, we’re doing okay. But it doesn’t mean we’re just gonna sit here and do nothing. I want to be better prepared now than how we were during Ondoy.

Let me share the pictures back then.

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In the real world, each of us have our set of friends. They come from different backgrounds, might have a different perspective in life, but ultimately we all have something in common that bonds us

In my case those who are close to me are treated like siblings, knows me inside out, and my partners in crime. We are there for each other in times of happiness and of need. We can’t deny the fact that there are friends who are closer to us compared to others – who we call ‘best friends‘.

In the military (US Army in particular), it’s the same thing, but they’re called ‘battle buddy‘.

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One of my collections involved cute little things that I call my ‘children’ — stuff toys. When I was younger, I had a doll giving to me on a special occasion which is as tall as me. I think I still have that one hidden someone in our house. There was also this white bear that was sent by my godmother from Aussie.

Everything I have today were mostly given by friends. Here’s a list of them:

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In conjunction to my earlier post about a past relationship, you might have noticed that aside from a change in theme, I also changed my blog’s title.

One day I went out of the house to buy street food beside our village’s main gate. On my way home, I was getting tired of listening to my favorite songs that I shuffled my playlist and try other tracks that were there but I never really listen to.

Then I came across David Archuleta‘s song from his 2010 album, “The Other Side of Down”. Listening intently to the lyrics, I found a connection to my current dilemma at the time. Add the crazy weather and my sudden preference for everything simple and viola~

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We have moments that upon hearing a particular song, it gets stuck with us. You keep singing it, humming it, listening to it. Whether you like the song or not, it does and people call it “Last Song Syndrome” or LSS.

I’m into a particular song for a week or so now, to the point that I can almost perfect the lyrics. The tune is catchy and easy to learn so I don’t have problems with it. I do have the intention to learn the song so I can sing it, but not to the point that I didn’t know why I’m so attached to it.

Or maybe I do..

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