PHILTOA’s 34th Philippine Travel Mart all set this September

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6 Essentials to Prioritize When Moving In To Your Own Space

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BIR Registration for Freelance Writers and Other Non-Licensed Professionals (2021)

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My Dormitos Cubao Capsule Pod Experience

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Recap: The Future of Media in the Philippines #futuremediaPH

By on May 27, 2014
The Future of Media 2014 Forum

Blogging has given me creative freedom to express what I think and feel on issues about children, education, lifestyle, technology, and Christianity. It has also opened doors for me to push myself out of my comfort zone physically and mentally. I just make it a point to constantly remind myself to be responsible and remain truthful in what I share online.

But what role do we play, as influencers, in the future? Let’s dive in the 1st Future of Media event to know more.

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Specific Fields in the PH Tech Industry You Can Start a Business In

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Since the arrival of computers and the internet, even more so when the Philippines joined the globalization efforts of world powers and international organizations, the country’s tech industry has constantly been on the rise. In fact, more and more local professionals and entrepreneurs are jumping in the bandwagon today, hoping to find their luck there. But which particular fields in technology should you really be focusing on? Here are some you might like to check out:

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